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Berwind-White Company coal piers in Jersey City

Berwind Corporation (also known as Berwind-White Coal Mining Company) is a large privately held American corporation historically involved in the coal industry.

The Company was first formed as a partnership of Edward Julius Berwind, Charles Berwind, and Congressman Allison White and upon White's death became known as Berwind White Company in 1886. The company was one of the largest producers of coal at the turn of the twentieth century and created several towns in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, including Windber, Pennsylvania and Berwind, West Virginia, both of which were named after the company. The company was a litigant in two U.S. Supreme Court decisions: Berwind-White Coal Mining Co. v. Chicago & Erie R. Co., 235 U.S. 371 (1914) and McGoldrick v. Berwind-White Coal Mining Co., 309 U.S. 33 (1940). In 1962 the family corporation moved from directly producing coal to leasing its properties and diversification into other businesses including the purchase of Elmer's Products, Inc.. By 2007 the family's investments in real estate alone totaled over $3 billion.[1][2][3]


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