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Berwinne à Visé.jpg
Country Belgium
Physical characteristics
Main source Liège Province
River mouth Meuse
50°45′19″N 5°41′00″E / 50.7554°N 5.6834°E / 50.7554; 5.6834Coordinates: 50°45′19″N 5°41′00″E / 50.7554°N 5.6834°E / 50.7554; 5.6834
Length 32 km (20 mi)

The Berwinne (Dutch: Berwijn) is a small river in the north-eastern part of Belgium. It's a right-bank tributary to the Meuse river and flows over a distance of 31.9 kilometres (19.8 miles) through the provinces of Liège and Limburg. Its source is located in the eastern part of the municipality of Aubel, near the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial. From there the Berwinne river flows, generally spoken, in northwestern direction, through places like Val-Dieu Abbey, Dalhem and Moelingen, before joining the Meuse between Visé and the Dutch border.