Berzdorfer See

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Berzdorfer See
Lake Berzdorf
Schönau-Berzdorf - Berzdorfer See (Aussichtsturm Neuberzdorfer Höhe) 05 ies.jpg
Location Saxony
Coordinates 51°05′N 14°57′E / 51.083°N 14.950°E / 51.083; 14.950Coordinates: 51°05′N 14°57′E / 51.083°N 14.950°E / 51.083; 14.950
Type artificial lake
Basin countries Germany
Surface area 0.6 km² (2005)
10 km² (planned)
Max. depth 35 m (2005)
70 m (planned)
Settlements Schönau-Berzdorf

The Berzdorfer See or Lake Berzdorf is situated near the southern border of Görlitz in Saxony, Germany. The artificial lake was created out of a former lignite mine — the flooding was finished on 6 February 2013. The planned surface area of the lake is expected to be about 10 km². Its name derives from the small village Schönau-Berzdorf to the southwest of the lake. It is expected to be one of the largest lakes in Saxony.

Future plans[edit]

The lake is planned to be a tourist site with a harbor for small-sized boats, a beach for swimmers, and dine-in restaurants. Other plans include a camp site and a golf course. An 18 kilometer long route for cyclists and hikers is available around the lakeshore. Sailing is possible from two locations in the southern part of the lake, i.e. at Tauchritz harbor and at Blaue Lagune.

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