Beside the Ocean of Time

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Beside the Ocean of Time
Beside the Ocean of Time Book cover.jpg
Beside the Ocean of Time book cover.
Author George Mackay Brown
Country Great Britain
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher John Murray
Publication date
Pages 217
ISBN 1-896209-12-2
OCLC 31767769

Beside the Ocean of Time (1994) is a novel by Scottish writer George Mackay Brown. It was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and judged Scottish Book of the Year by the Saltire Society.[1] The plot follows Thorfinn Ragnarson from Norday in the Orkney Islands of the 1930s.[2] The son of a tenant farmer, he regularly daydreams about historical fantasies. After foreseeing his own future, he begins to see a correlation between history, daydreaming and fate.[3]


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