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Besiege Steam store art.jpg
Developer(s)Spiderling Studios
Publisher(s)Spiderling Studios
  • Linux, Mac, Windows
  • 18 February 2020
  • Xbox One, Series X/S
  • 10 February 2022
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer (PC)

Besiege is a strategy sandbox video game developed and published by Spiderling Studios. The game was released for Windows, macOS and Linux in February 2020, which followed a five-year long early access phase. A console version for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S was released in February 2022.


The game allows players to build outlandish medieval siege engines to pit against castles or armies. Players select from a collection of mechanical parts that can be connected together to build a machine. Each level has a goal, such as "destroy the windmill" or "kill 100 soldiers". Although the goals are relatively simple, the wide variety of possible approaches allows for experimentation.[1]

Despite the medieval theme to the game, players are able to build intricate working models of four-stroke and two-stroke engines and vehicle systems, including computer systems, as well as modern vehicles such as tanks, automobiles, bomber planes, propeller planes, helicopters, airships, and battleships. An update in December 2017 added a level editor and multiplayer capabilities, such as pitting the vehicle creations against each other, or other players attempting to knock down a castle created by another.[2] Later they added advanced build mode which grants the player the possibility to build complicated machines.[3] With these additions, players developed systems to run tournaments similar to the television show BattleBots, pitting their Besiege creations in one-on-one matches with others to try to take the other out.[4]

The game was first released for Linux, OS X and Windows via early access on 28 January 2015 before officially releasing on 18 February 2020.[5] A console version is set to be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on 10 February 2022. It features reworked user interface, photo mode, and a different Workshop for sharing user creations. However, it does not have the multiplayer or level editor functionality of the PC version.[6]


Marsh Davies of Rock, Paper, Shotgun praised an early version of the game, comparing its "bouncily caricatured" science to a 12th-century version of Kerbal Space Program. Davies also praised the game's stylized graphics and sound.[7] PC Gamer gave the game 85 out of 100.[8]


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