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Company Overview[edit]

Besins Healthcare is a privately held, fourth-generation family-owned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1885 in Paris, Besins Healthcare focuses on transdermal delivery technology treatments and has products available in 93 countries.

Besins Healthcare specializes in drugs for the treatment of gynecological, fertility and obstetrical conditions as well as androgen deficiencies.[1] Besins Healthcare has three subsidiaries: BHR Pharma, LLC, Ascend Therapeutics and Pure Matters.

Ascend Therapeutics is involved in the research and development of transdermal drugs that are applied to the skin as a gel to treat chronic conditions such as severe breast pain for pre-menopausal women and low testosterone levels for older men.[1]

Besins Healthcare global research and development is conducted out of BHR Pharma, LLC. BHR Pharma is in the last stage of human testing of a potential progesterone-based treatment (BHR-100) for severe Traumatic brain injury (TBI).[2][3] The Food and Drug Administration has promised to fast-track the approval process for BHR-100 if the findings are positive.[4] The drug is one of four compounds in late-stage development to combat TBI, and is the only one expected to reach the market before 2019.[5]


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