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FSM Beskid 106 at Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej in Kraków.
FSM Beskid 106 at Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej in Kraków.

Beskid was a series of economy hatchback car prototypes in Poland designed by BOSMAL Automotive Research and Development Center during 1982-1986.[1]

The car never went into mass production; political reasons are cited[citation needed] . However, it is also suggested that Beskid was in fact a back-up measure if license talks were unsuccessful; finally Fiat Cinquecento was produced in FSM. All seven Beskid prototypes were to be destroyed, but six managed to be saved.[citation needed]

The body style was patented, but BOSMAL lacked funds for the extension of the patent. More than 10 years later the French Renault Twingo used very similar layout although the Renault officials deny any direct influence (it is suggested that Citroën AX had similar shape in its early sketches). Renault profited off of roughly 2,400,000 Twingos.[2]

The car's body had a drag coefficient of 0.29 (one of the best), which resulted in a fuel economy of circa 3,9 l /100 km at a speed of about 90 km/h (engine displacement 594 cm³ , with maximum power 20.6 kW(28 HP)). [3]

The name comes from the Beskids mountains.

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