Besshi copper mine

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Besshi Dōzan
Besshi copper mine.JPG
Location Niihama
Prefecture Ehime Prefecture
Country Japan
Products Copper
Opened 1691
Closed 1973
Company Sumitomo Group

The Besshi copper mine (別子銅山, Besshi dōzan) was a rich source of copper in Niihama, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. The deposits were discovered in 1690, and copper mining began in the following year. From then until the closing of the mine in 1973, Besshi produced about 700,000 tons of copper, and contributed to Japan's trade and modernization. The Sumitomo family managed the mine, which helped build the Sumitomo zaibatsu. The Dōzan River was named after the copper mine.

The Minetopia Besshi theme park uses some of the mine's facilities.

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