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Bessvatnet to the right. Gjende is the lake to the left.
Location Vågå, Oppland
Coordinates 61°31′23″N 8°46′32″E / 61.52306°N 8.77556°E / 61.52306; 8.77556Coordinates: 61°31′23″N 8°46′32″E / 61.52306°N 8.77556°E / 61.52306; 8.77556
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 4.64 km2 (1.79 sq mi)
Shore length1 13.31 km (8.27 mi)
Surface elevation 1,373 m (4,505 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Bessvatnet is a lake in Vågå, Oppland, Norway. Bessvatnet is known to everyone that has hiked Besseggen, as one passes its southern end, while looking down on the green lake Gjende.

The name[edit]

Bessvatnet ('Bess water') is named after the river Bessa, the last element is the finite form of vatn 'water, lake'. The name of the river is derived from Old Norse bersi m 'bear' - thus 'Bear river'.