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Type of site
Available inEnglish, Russian
LaunchedJune 19, 2007
Current statusActive

BestChange is a website-aggregator of data about exchangers and e-currency exchange rates.[1][2]


Monitoring began working on June 19, 2007. At the time of launch there were 25 exchangers in the listing. Rates information was updated every 5 minutes. Popular exchange directions at that time were WebMoney and E-gold.[3] In 2018, they are Qiwi, Bitcoin[4][5] and Perfect Money.[6][7]

The project is based on a metamediary model, i.e. helping a deal to take place between a seller and a buyer via providing information and offering relevant services, whilst not taking a direct participation in the deal. One of the service’s peculiarities is that there is no advertising on all the company’s resources.[8][9]

Administration takes care of selecting exchangers after full check of their reputation on the Internet and various metrics (for instance, certificates and accounts in payment systems).[10][11]

According to the majority of financial periodicals, BestChange is number 1 in CIS countries among similar monitorings judging by the number of reviews and client traffic.[12][13]

Today monitoring has the leading position in the market of searching for exchanges e-currencies. Today there are as many as 400 active exchangers in the monitoring. The speed of updating exchange rates has increased by several times and now around 45 thousands of active directions are updated once every 3—4 seconds.[14]


In Russia[edit]

39 Russian online-exchangers and monitoring BestChange were blocked on the basis of St. Petersburg court ruling in May 2017.[15] In February 2018 the court cancelled the blocking.[16]

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