Best Before Records

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Best Before Records
Best Before Records logo.jpg
Founded 2005
Founder Anthony Shaw
Distributor(s) The Orchard (formerly with- PIAS)
Genre Alternative rock
Punk rock
Pop punk
Alt Rock
Alternative Metal
Country of origin United Kingdom UK
Location London, United Kingdom
Official website Best Before Records

Best Before Records is a boutique independent record label based in London, United Kingdom.[1]

Best Before Records's artists are generally considered Alternative, Pop Punk, alternative rock, but some also include elements of various genres of metal. Some of their most well-known artists include or included ACODA, Mutiny On The Bounty, 22, The Chapman Family, Sharks, Dananananaykroyd, Johnny Foreigner, The Pistolas, The Heights[2] and in 2014 signing Death and the Penguin, American Fangs and Press to MECO.

The Chapman Family

The label's functions include sourcing new artists, producing albums, marketing/promoting and securing international licensees in the North American, European, Australian and Asian markets. The company provides traditional record company services along with (for some) management, digital marketing/promotion, production and manufacturing services catered to each artists individual requirements.[3]


Best Before Records was launched in 2004 as part of a subsidy under the Channelfly and Mama Group corporate. In December 2009 Mama Group was acquired by HMV[4] who had shown no interest in this part of the corporation therefore the label Best Before Records was taken over by label manager Anthony Shaw and became a fully independent label distributed by PIAS Entertainment Group in the UK and Europe.[5]

After separating from its parent company, it continued to develop a strong label identity and effectively launching several new artist careers including ‘Dananananaykroyd’, ‘Johnny Foreigner’, 'The Heights' and ‘The Morning After Girls’. Taking on further bands like Sharks, 22, Mutiny On The Bounty, ACODA and most recently Death and the Penguin, American Fangs and Press to MECO.

In 2015, Best Before Records changed worldwide distribution to The Orchard and released several new albums.


Johnny Foreigner

Artists that have been signed, or are currently signed, to the label [6]


Artist Title Year
The Morning After Girls Shadows Evolve 2005
The Morning After Girls Hi- Skies (Single) 2005
The Morning After Girls The Morning After Girls 2005
The Heights Long Way Home 2005
The Heights Bad News E.P 2006
The Morning After Girls The Run For Our Lives 2006
The Heights Jamaica Beer Eyes 2006
Trailing Laces Make Your Mind Up 2006
Johnny Foreigner Arcs Across The City 2007
The Heights For Real 2007
The Pistolas Take It With A Kiss & Dinosaurs 2007
Johnny Foreigner Waited Up 'Til It Was Light 2008
Johnny Foreigner Salt, Pepper And Spinderella (Single) 2008
Dananananaykroyd Pink Sabbath (Single) 2008
Dananananaykroyd Sissy Hits (EP) 2008
Dananananaykroyd Black Wax (Single) 2008
Dananananaykroyd Some Dresses (Single) 2008
Johnny Foreigner Our Bipolar Friends (Single) 2008
Johnny Foreigner Eyes Wide Terrified (Single) 2008
Johnny Foreigner Grace and the Bigger Picture 2009
Johnny Foreigner Feels Like Summer (Single) 2009
Dananananaykrod Hey Everyone! 2009
Johnny Foreigner Criminals (Single) 2009
Sharks Show Of Hands (EP) 2010
22 Plastik (EP) 2011
22 Kneel Estate (EP) 2011
The Chapman Family Cruel Britannia (EP) 2012
22 Flux / The Pool Sessions (Double Album/DVD) 2012
Mutiny On The Bounty Trials 2012
ACODA Yours To Defend 2013
ACODA Round The Sun (EP) 2014
Death and the Penguin Accidents Happen (EP) 2014
ACODA Truth Seeker 2015
American Fangs Dirty Legs 2015
Press to MECO Good Intent 2015



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