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Front Cover

Best Buy Comics is a comics or comix issue drawn by Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky (Later Crumb) and published in 1979. The bottom of the first page says "Best Buy Comics, February 1979 -- copyright c 1977, 1978, 1979 by R. Crumb. All stories and strips first published in Coevolution Quarterly, except 'Aline and Bob Go To the Whole Earth Jamboree', which was rejected by the magazine and appears here for the first time. Published by Apex Novelties -- 353 Fredrick St., San Francisco, California, 94117".

It is more serious than usual for Crumb's or others comix. Subjects include the aerospace program, the eventual fate of humanity, attitudes toward life, death, nuclear war and historical fiction set at the dawn of the Jazz Age. The strips are:

  • An unnamed page about melting in front of a television
  • "R. Crumb's Modern Dance Workshop"
  • " Space Day Symposium "
  • "The Goose and the Gander were Talking one Night"
  • "The Nerds"
  • "Kansas City Frank Melrose in Pass the Jug"
  • "These Kids Today"
  • "Little Joe in Morbid Preoccupations"
  • "R. Crumb's Modern Dance Workshop in Purely Esthetic Experience"
  • "Those Little Bears We Love so Much"
  • "The Final Solution, Read it and Weep"
  • "Mister Nostalgia"
  • "It's a Hup Ho World"
  • "Professor Wanowsky on Welfare"
  • "Kiwi"
  • "Hapy Hour Comics"
  • "Maybe We'll End Like This"
  • "Aline and Bob Go To the Whole Earth Jamboree"