Best Fiction Tour 2008–2009

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Namie Amuro Best Fiction Tour 2008-2009
Bestfictiontour dvd.jpg
Video by Namie Amuro
Released September 9, 2009
Recorded June 20, 2009
June 21, 2009
Genre Live
Label Avex Trax
Namie Amuro chronology
Namie Amuro Play Tour 2007
Namie Amuro Best Fiction Tour 2008-2009
Blu-ray cover

Namie Amuro Best Fiction Tour 2008–2009 is a live music video title by Japanese performer Namie Amuro released on September 9, 2009. Filmed during her tour of the same name, the video captures her dates in June at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan. It was her first overseas concert to have been filmed for commercial release.[1] In the first week of the release, the live video sold about 155,000 copies on DVD format and 14,000 copies on Blu-ray format, making her the first artist to top the both charts at the same time in Japanese Oricon charts history.[2]

As of 2010 it has sold about 260,510 copies on DVD format.


It was released as a DVD and Blu-ray on September 9, 2009. The DVD version is a limited edition and is exclusively packaged in a digipak with a slipcover.[3] It will be sold until September 30, 2009.[4] It is currently not known if a regular edition of the DVD will be printed afterward.

Track list[edit]

  1. Do Me More
  2. Violet Sauce
  3. Alarm
  4. So Crazy
  5. New Look
  6. Hello
  7. Girl Talk
  8. Shine More
  9. Full Moon
  10. Luvotomy
  11. Put 'Em Up
  12. It's All About You
  13. Wishing on the Same Star
  14. Rock Steady
  15. Funky Town
  16. No
  17. Say the word
  18. Dr.
  19. Wild
  20. White Light
  21. Hide & Seek
  22. Queen of Hip-Pop
  23. Sexy Girl
  24. Want Me, Want Me
  25. Top Secret
  26. Black Diamond
  27. What a Feeling
  28. WoWa
  29. Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick
  30. Baby Don't Cry


  • Best Non Fiction (Off shot)

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