Best Friends Forever?

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Best Friends Forever?
Best Friends Forever?.jpg
Directed byAniruddha
Vishal Bhosale
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes140
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)Cinevistaas Limited
Original networkChannel V India
Original release3 December 2012 (2012-12-03) –
25 May 2013 (2013-05-25)
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Best Friends Forever? (or BFF) is an Indian teen drama which aired on Channel V India from 3 December 2012 to 25 May 2013 with a total of 140 episodes. This show is loosely based on the popular American show Pretty Little Liars.


Ela receives a delivery at Sanju's house. She is shocked to see the clutch she had lost on the night of Varun's disappearance in the delivery box. She finds a message in the clutch and shows it to Vinnie. They suspect Daljeet behind the blackmail. Ela screams on seeing Varun in the mock court. Ela runs out of the mock trial room on seeing Varun there again. She believes that he is alive. Vinnie tells her that it might be a ghost and reminds her about Varun's death. The scene begins when Varun jumps off a mountain on Valentine's night. Vinnie and Ela go in search of him. Varun hangs onto Ela's clutch to climb up the mountain, but they fail to save him. Daljeet talks to someone about his ploy against the girls.

In class, Sanju, Ela and Vinnie panic when Professor Anu claims that someone provoked Varun to commit suicide. Ela suspects a connection between Professor Anu and Varun, but Sanju disregards her suspicion. Varun and his sister, Professor Anu, discuss their ploy against the best friends for not saving Varun from the cliff and planting false evidence to mislead the police. Sanju and Ela become scared when there is a power cut at home. Vinnie and the boys surprise them with a party at Sanju's house. Varun sneaks into the washroom and scares Ela. Varun approaches Ela in the dark and confronts her for pushing him off the cliff. Ela and Vinnie argue. Ela receives a taunting message from Varun when everyone plays truth or dare, threatening to reveal the truth to Sanju if she does not confess how she had cheated in the exams. Sanju becomes upset upon learning that Ela had topped the exams by switching the answer papers with hers. She tells Vinnie that she can never trust Ela again. She denies forgiving her. Professor Rigved expels Ela for cheating. Varun calls Ela. Vinnie attends the call. He uses a voice changing software to speak to her. He tells Vinnie that he has kept evidence of their crime in Sanju's locker. Ela and Vinnie worry that Sanju will go to the police if she sees the proof. Vinnie goes to the locker room to get the evidence before Sanju sees it. Prithvi tells Sanju that she is the centre that holds their group together. He persuades her to join the gang in the canteen. They understand Sanju's situation and care for her. Sanju asks them not to affect their friendship with Ela because of what happened. On the other hand, Vinnie and Ela panic on seeing sketches of them, standing on the cliff on Valentine's night, in the envelope. Varun blackmails them and gives them 2 hours to get Rs. 10 lakh. Ela and Vinnie meet the mystery guy who is Varun at some isolated place and he records their confession of his murder by tricking them.

Varun asks for more money and asks them to meet him on the same cliff. Vinnie steals money from her mother's locker. Varun tried to kill them in the cliff when Sanju enters the scene while searching for Ela and Vinnie. She has seen their video message in which they confessed everything to her. Sanju defended her best friends and said to Varun that he is still the bad guy. If he wants to kill them he should kill her first. Varun hesitated and said he never wanted to kill them just wanted Ela and Vinnie to know that how it feels to come near death. And he walks away from there. The BFF's are happy and headed back to Sanju's home. Now Varun is back in Westwood. Ela and Vinnie are planning Sanju's surprise birthday party. Sanju realises that she is in love with Prithvi. All of Sanju's friends, as well as her small brother Sunny, also ignore Sanju. They choose Prithvi for bringing Sanju to the party. Varun knows that the BFFs are planning something for Sanju's birthday. Varun calls Sanju and asks her to come with her for a dinner and celebrate her birthday. Sanju tells Varun that if he comes to her house she will call the police and as she cuts the call somebody rings the bell of her house. Sanju thinks it to be Varun and takes a jug full of water and opens the door. She, not seeing the person, pours out the whole of the water on that person who is Prithvi. Prithvi comes inside the house and Sanju asked for her shirt to get it iron. Prithvi asked Sanju to come with him for a pizza. Sanju goes to her room and gets ready to go Prithvi takes her to a place which is dark. Sanju being afraid was going to leave the place but was stopped by the surprising entry of her friends. Somebody is now stalking Sanju and trying to hurt Prithvi. In the meantime Vinnie's mother finds a boy to get Vinnie engaged. Vinnie's mother tells the name of the boy that is Purushashtra. As Vinnie does not want to get engaged, Ela has a plan to let that boy go. They invites that boy in a cafe where Ela pretends to be Vinnie and that Vinnie is an independent girl who had got many boyfriends. But Puru identifies the real Vineeta Maheshwari. He tells them that he is also too fast with the internet. And tells the real name every of her friends. The trustees of the Westwood college arranged a party of Holi for the students. The stalker comes in the party and applies colour to Sanju. Prithvi follows the stalker and cuts his hand but the stalker runs away. Prithvi leaves on the day of the Holi party. Mac also finally breaks up with Ela on the same day and starts to avoid Ela. A series of events make Sanju believe that Varun is the stalker, but he denies so. In the meantime, Varun and Sanju stand in the election for the president of Westwood College of Law. At the evening of that day, Vinnie comes to drop Sanju at her house and finds that someone is hiding in the bushes. When they come near the bush, the man tries to run away but is finally caught by them. When the man shows his face, it is Rohan. Sanju thinks the real stalker to be Rohan. Sanju and Varun make their own teams with three or four persons who will help them in sticking poster in full college and help them to make their speech and definitely give vote to the leader whom they are helping. Sanju comes to know that Puru loves Vinnie and so Sanju makes a plan that she will tell Vinnie that Puru loves a girl named Chhaya and asks Vinnie to set their love story. After fitting all the posters in the college the leave for their hom. Next day when they come to the college they see that the stalker has written a love message on Sanju's posters. Sanju suspects that the thing was done by Rohan and tries to find him but he is nowhere. In the evening while Sanju was going to leave for her house after her work in college, Ela and Vinnie were waiting for Sanju in the canteen. As she is trying to leave she finds that someone is following her. Afraid, Sanju tries to run but falls in the corridor. Hearing her screams Vinnie and Ela come running and finds Sanju lying in the corridor. They tried to follow the stalker who falls and gets hurt on his back. In spite of getting hurt, he rides on the bike and ran away. Scared BFFs go to the police for help. The police on their said facts arrest Rohan and finds that he has got hurt on his back. On the next day the Inspector calls Sanju as Varun came for the bail of Rohan. Varun tells them the time that Sanju told the police about Rohan was following her on that particular time Rohan was with Varun. On the same day the BFFs follow Rohan and find him going to a place where illegal bike racing is being done. When Sanju asks him why he was following Sanju he tells that Prithvi has told him to watch her and that he loves Sanju very much. He tells them that Varun knew that Rohan was involved in illegal bike racing so he released Rohan from the jail. Sanju asked him if Prithvi suspected Varun. Rohan answers that Prithvi had, but afterward Prithvi changed his suspect from Varun to somebody else. When Sanju asked who that guy is, a car come in a great pace and hit Rohan. The BFFs take him to the hospital and call all of their friends and parents of Rohan. After Rohan's operation all his friends except sanju and varun went to their home. They waited till rohan's parents did not came. In the night the stalker did come and warned rohan about telling anything to sanju. In the morning sanju finds many lost things of her lying on the bench of the girl's locker room.When she was looking at the photos somebody clicked her photos and pinned that photos on the notice board.professor anu calls her a cheater. Ela get a sms revealing the truth that sanju has told mac to behave like that with ela and knowing this truth ela breaks her friendship with sanju.Ela and vinnie tries to find rgv and sanju found that rgv's laptop is lying on the table of a classroom. Sanju tries to make the laptop work but when she comes closer to the laptop the voting for the president of the college automatically starts and when she turns back she finds professor anu. Professor rickved called everyone to the assembly hall for voting. After voting sanju and sahil went to have coffee in the canteen. Meanwhile, rohan calls sanju and asks her to come to a place if she wants to know who is the stalker. Rohan waits for sanju in that place and at the same time a car arrived . Rohan thought that car to be sanjus and tries to reach her but he finds that it is the stalker. The stalker is revealed as sahil and sahil kills rohan. When sanju reaches the place she finds rohan hanged and a suicite note that wal left by sahil. Varun is helping police in investigation. Meanwhile, Anu comes to know that Sahil is the stalker and starts blackmailing him. While checking Rohan's diary someone hits Sanjana on head and drags her to the garden. Vinnie and Puru find her unconscious and take her home. Rohan's dead body goes on missing from the morgue. The next day police arrests Sanjana for stealing Rohan's body. Sanjana's father bail her out. Ela realises her mistake and befriends with Sanjana. The same night Vinnie's car has some problems, when she opens the dikki, finds Rohans body which was dumped by Sahil on instructions of Anu to prove that Vinnie was also involve in Rohan's murder along with Sanju. Police trace Vinnie's car, Ela and Mac find out that Puru too is missing. professor rigved shows sanju,ela and others a video where a girl dressed up like vinne drags rohan's body and places it in a car's dickey and vinnie becomes a crime suspect but varun and sanju prove vinne innocent showing the entire college puru and vinnie's marriage video .pammy admits that someone gave her the wig and the dress and said her to give the audition .later it is revealed that vinnie finding rohan's body in her dickey faints but puru finds her and they flee and according to varun's instruction they handover rohan's body to his parents.sanju recollects and realizes that rohan's autopsy report is with her within her books .they decide to inform the police and ela,pammy and vinnie r sent to the shooting area to inspect the place where they find a baseball bat with varun's name written on it .though vinnie and ela starts pondering over it but pammy says varun is being framed and they should stand by him .In the meantime they find someone eavesdropping and its none other than the stalker who once again escapes .varun gets a call from megha and to his utter dismay prithvi is in the last stage of his cancer.When varun breaks this news to pammy anu listens to it and anu hears it and texts sanju saying varun to playing a game with her concealing information from <;prithvi dying out of cancer> ..only to have sanju .sanju is extremely guilty for distrusting prithvi.She goes homes with ela and vinnie but then tell them to leave her alone and then mak and varun found the person who took pammi's auditions but when they interrogate them they realised that he is not the stalker .sanju's father comes across sahil in her bedroom.sanju's friends get a diary from the stalker which ela keeps.sanju gets a letter from prithvi confessing his love to sanju.prithvi has to say that sanju should forgive varun as he is trying to rectify his mistakes. Sanju and Varun patch up ! seeing sanju hug varun anu orders her to get out of the class.she gets out of the class followed by varun. They plan that they will go for a dinner that night. but sanju goes for a drive with sahil when he ardently requests. Sahil insists Sanju on driving further and they reach a place beautifully decorated where sahil proposes to sanjana . Mak and Ela are tensed as they didn't find Sanju in her room who was supposed to come home. mac finds a chewing gum from sanju's room and a very identical one from the stalkers diary and realizes that Sahil is the stalker .In the second place Puru and vinne finds sahil's laptop in the car which had hit rohan and varun discover the stalker's hood in sahil's locker. Sanju realizes that sahil is the stalker when she switches her phone on as Ela sends a message to her regarding her security. Sanju gets confused and rushed out of that place, on the road she finds Varun and Pammi .Sanju goes with them. BFF's hatch a plan to trap Sahil. Sanjana calls Sahil and tells him that she also love him and tells him to meet her in college. Sanjana's backside is shown (who is actually Pammy). She asks him why did he kill Rohan, he tells her and she disagrees to go with him. Varun comes in the scene. A fight takes place between them Sahil shoots Varun twice, Varun falls down. Sanjana comes with a recorder as everything is recorded. Everyonme at thee co scene along with police, Sahil is arrested. While leaving he calls blackmailer as Anu's phone rings he blames her. But everyone ignores him considering him a psycho. Now next step of BFF's is to find female blackmailer. Sanajan meets Sahil in hospital, as he is about to reveal Anu's truth. Anu comes in the costume of a nurse and forces Sanjana to get out of that room . She injects sahil with poison and Sahil gets paralysed. Varun finds Rohan's bag and the poison in Anu's room. He comes to know that Anu is blackmailer. He sends message to all three girls through Pammy. Next day everyone dominates Anu that she has killed Rohan and poisoned Sahil. Frustrated Anu tells in front of everyone that she dumped Rohans body in Vinnie's car. Sanjana records her self-confession . She is arrested. The show takes leap of 2 weeks (exams are over). Varun, Mac, Puru cook food for the girls. Puru proposes Vinnie for the marriage. Mac and Ela promise to spend their life together. Sanju tells Varun that she is leaving for United States Of America and stay with Prithvi for his treatment and she also tells that Pammy loves him very much. Varun reconsidered his plan and said he might patch up with Pammy. Someone is still keeping watch on them.


Sanjana "Sanju" Roy
Sanjana is the caretaker of the two. She has a strong instinct, which helps her figure out things. Though she is a tomboy, she is emotionally strong. She is the daughter of justice Devashish Roy. She has a 6-year old younger brother. She doesn't trust boys. She is confident enough about her intelligence and capabilities. Sanju blindly trusts her best friends. Sanju falls in love with Prithvi but gets heartbroken when prithvi left college. Sanju is heartbroken after Ela breakes her friendship with her. But after her life sets in a correct way.

Prithvi Sanyal
Prithvi is the new student in the college. He is quite mysterious. He is very good looking and handsome and Ela seems to secretly like him. Prithvi has been fighting with Sanjana since his first day at school. He calls Sanju - BFA which means a Baby Faced Assassin. They both are partners in the 'Mock Trials', for which Prithvi and Sanjana have to work together. BFFs find out that Prithvi's theory on Varun's case is exact and have to deal with him cleverly. Prithvi falls in love with Sanjana but could not tell her as prithvi left the college but later writes a letter and lets her know about it. A few months later Sanju finds out that Prithvi is in the last stage of cancer and Sanju thought a girl named Meghna is Prithvi's girlfriend but found out that she is Prithvi's doctor and friend. He also sends a red rose and a love letter for his love, Sanjana.

Elakshi "Ela" Singh
Ela is a bold, likeable and happy-go-lucky girl. She is bindaas — and does not give a damn about any one — except Sanjana and Vinnie. But things change with the incident involving Varun. Then differences seep in. Mac recently broke off with her and avoids her,she feels that he is just doing it for her attention but that's not the case and now she is somewhere getting jealous seeing that mac is with someone else. She reconciled her relationship with Mac, but due to an anonymous note, she breaks all ties with Sanju, Vinnie and Mac.At last she realizes her mistakes and patches up with Sanjana, Vinita and Mac.

Vinita "Vinnie" Maheshwari
Vinnie is insecure and has issues with parents. She belongs to a conservative family, where the son is the apple of the eye — so she acts out against her mom. Vinnie tries to rebel against norms. She steps out of the house in a long dress. But on the way it is revealed that she is hiding a short dress underneath. She takes off the skirt before stepping in college. She wants to prove herself in front of her parents and her friends. Vinnie likes Puru.

Varun Mittal
Varun was a close friend of the bffs. He is the heartthrob of the college. Ela used to love him but he loved Sanju from the time he saw her. When Sanju rejected his love, he committed suicide. But it was found that he was alive. He loves Sanju and hates Prithvi. His sister is Professor. Anu. He tried his best to get all his friend in his life once again with his love Sanju, and finally all patched up.

Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma is the president of the college apart from this he is into bike racing and bike stunts and best friend's with Makrand Mahajan and this character is playing by Abhilash Kumar . Secretly he admires Sanjana but does not show his feelings to her. Later on, all the blame come on his shoulder. In the end, Sahil killed him.

Makrand Mahajan Mac is Ela's boyfriend. He feels quite insecure about his relationship with Ela specially after the arrival of Prithvi and therefore is very possessive. But he truly loves her and feels that she is a part of his life. Mac becomes jealous on seeing Ela and Prithvi together, and warns him to stay out of her.But later he realizes that Prithvi loves Sanju so he becomes a good friend of him, at holi party ela as usual speaks very rudely with mac thus he now finally breaks up with her and now he avoids her as much as possible, to irritate her, as per the plan of Sanju . And he finally win his girlfriend when Ela realizes her mistake.

He is very silent and calm. He is a very good friend of Sanju and has feelings for her but is scared of losing friendship. Prithvi notices Sahil's crush on Sanju. He was the stalker and also killed Rohan in order keep his identity as a secret. At last Prof.Anu paralyzes him to protect her secret.

Professor Rigved
He is very charming. All students love him. Professor Rigved has a secret related to Mallika, his intern as he berates her for coming to his office. Vinnie used to have a crush on him but since purushastra's entry she doesn't drool over him like before.

Radhesham Govardan Vasudeva (RGV)
The film maker. He loves Film making than law. He is always seen with the camera. RGV proves that he is a great friend as he helps Sanju find information related to the stalker.

Prof.Anu Shukla
She is the new professor in the college and is very mysterious. She always tries to poke the girls and Mac by talking about Varun in the class . She feels there is some connection between varun's missing case and the girls especially Sanjana. She is very much connected with Varun's investigation. She is Varun's sister and wants to take revenge on the BFFS, for not trying to save his life. Varun is alive. She doesn't miss any chance to humiliate Sanju. at last she is sent to jail.

Sunny Roy
Sanju's younger brother. He is called 'Sherlock' and 'Champ' by his loved ones. He is very cute and is six years old. Sunny and Prithvi have become very good friends in a short span of time. He calls him 'Prithvi Bhaiyya' and loves his company. They both play video games together and even spoiled the kitchen in Sanju's absence. He suspects Prithvi to be Sanju's boyfriend.

Purushastra is a guy who was supposed to meet Vinnie for marriage as per her mom's wish that she should marry a traditional guy, he was first pranked by Vinnie and her friends that they make him feel that ela is Vinnie and she acts in a way that Purushastra rejects Vinnie, however this prank turns out to be a prank on them as they get to know that Purushastra has already seen Vinnie's photo he seems to be interested in vinnie and often they both meet accidentally. He mingles very well with her friends and there is a possibility that Vinnie likes him too, she often refers to him as "puru" casually or "maru" when she is angry. Puru is a very down to earth, patient and a guy with certain rules and is kind of suitable for vinnie as he gives a lot of attention to Vinnie, sometimes he flirts with Vinnie "its like i know how to be cool and trendy but i just don't like it". Presently both Vinnie and Puru's moms tell them to stay away from each other as Vinnie's mom feels that if doesn't want to marry Vinnie (actually Vinnie rejected him and he took the blame) then he is not supposed to roam around with her and Puru's parents are looking for a girl for him. At last he proposes Vinita.

Pammy is a new student in Westwood. She has come from Ludhiana. She is very romantic, always flirts with Varun and has crush on him. She likes acting. Ela and Vinnie find her very irritating. she had played a major role to help Sanju and Varun to find stalker.




  • Abhilash Kumar as Rohan Sharma
  • Rohit Saraf as Sahil Mehta, Sanju's friend/stalker
  • Shravan Mehta as RGV Radhesham Govardan Vasudeva, Ela, Sanju & Vinnie's classmate
  • Imran Khan as Devashish Roy, Sanjana's father
  • Khushboo Purohit as Pammi, Sanju, Ela, Vinnie, Varun and Mac's classmate
  • Kishwar Merchant as Mandira Singh, Ela's Mother
  • Akash Maheshwari as Vinnie's Brother
  • Unknown as Sunny Roy, Sanjana's Brother
  • Unknown as Mr. Rigved, Westwood Professor
  • Megha Chatterjee as Prof. Anu Shukla, Varun's sister and Westwood professor


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