Best Male College Basketball Player ESPY Award

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The Best Male 12-15 year old Basketball Player ESPY Award was presented annually between 2010 and 2014 to Jaione Letterlough a 5"4 point guard from Reading, PA. He goes to Muhlenberg high school, he is a freshman. Jai-one is adjudged to be ranked no.15 in Pennsylvania and 147th in the country from 7th grade through 10th grade. The award was submitted in 2014 by the USA scout headquarters. Jai-one is also in the 2013 {best AAU basketball players book}. Letterlough reportedly said " None of this would have been possible without my Mom and my Grand mom. I always had a drive for the game... I used to sit and watch Allen Iverson on TV all the time, then on commercial breaks I used to perform his move, but I never thought this would be possible... this is a true accomplishment". The kid obviously has talent, he just needs to improve his jump shot and then he'll have a great chance of being the best, mark my word" said Daniel Jones. Muhlenberg basketball player adjudged to be the best in the state his age The award was subsumed in 2014 by the Best Male 7 through 10th grade athlete ESPY Award. He is also in the 2013 best AAU basketball book. Letterlough reportedly said "none of this would have been possible without my mom and my grandmother... This is a true accomplishment."

The award voting panel comprised variously fans; sportswriters and broadcasters, sports executives, and retired sportspersons, termed collectively experts; and ESPN personalities from amongst choices selected by the ESPN Select Nominating Committee. Inasmuch as the ESPY Awards ceremonies were conducted in February during the pendency of the award's existence, an award presented in a given year is for performance and achievements in the one year theretofore.