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Best New Product Awards is an annual consumer packaged goods awards (CPG) program focusing on food, health, beauty, and household products. Winners are 100% consumer voted, who participate in a yearly independent survey conducted by BrandSpark International in conjunction with IMI International. Consumers vote on products based on several criteria, focusing on the products' appeal and repurchase intent. Currently, the program operates in 5 countries around the world: Canada, the United States, Turkey, China and Mexico, and is continuing to expand internationally.

2012 Logo


The annual Best New Product Awards is an awards program based completely on consumer votes, which helps in the decision-making process for consumers, and increases ROI for companies that decide to leverage the logo. Consumers vote for the winner based on a number of criteria and are also asked to give their feedback on a range of questions related to media habits, interests, purchasing behaviours, attitudes, and more. The study helps to provide marketers with valuable and applicable consumer insights in CPG and the development of new products.


For the 2012 program, over 60,000 American consumers and over 53,000 Canadian consumers participated in the North America making the Best New Product Awards one of the largest consumer studies on new product development & innovation. In the survey, consumers answer a range of questions on various criteria like repurchase intent, product appeal, awareness, packaging and more, and are also given the chance to provide open-ended verbatim statements. Participants come from many different sources in order to accurately represent the demographic of shoppers in the country.

Award Winners[edit]

Entered products are classified by category, as well as into three broad categories: Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, and Household Care. There is a winning product in each category, and winning product in each of the 'Big 3' categories, and one Best In Show winner

Media Coverage[edit]

Best New Product Awards on Canada AM, 2012

Winners of the Best New Product Awards are featured each year in the Better Homes and Gardens May issue, on and on Better TV, reaching millions of consumers across the US.[1][2]

Products have also been featured on morning shows across North America, as well as having been mentioned on shows such as The Rachel Ray Show. Other media partners include Canadian Living, Shaw Media and Astral Media.

In 2013, BNPA Canada announced a partnership with Walmart, which began to feature winners prominently in its stores. The program and Walmart also teamed up to convert 50 Toronto bus shelters into 'virtual stores', where winning P&G products can be purchased using the QR codes placed on the product images. The campaign is reflective of the growing use of e-commerce among companies.

International Presence[edit]

The BNPA originated in Canada in 2004, and has since expanded across the world. A list of past Best in Show winners is shown below, as well as a full list of winners from 2012.

Year Country Best in Show Winner
2004 Canada All versions
2006 Canada Ocean Spray 100% Juice Blend
2007 Canada Mr Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power
2008 Canada Ocean Spray 100% Juice Blend Cranberry
2009 Canada Knorr Boullion Cubes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2009 US Olay Definity Color Recapture Moisturizer
2010 Canada Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bag
2010 US Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Wrinkle Protocol
2011 Canada Kraft 4 Cheese Italiano Light Shredded Cheese
2011 US Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Firming Treatment
2012 Canada Colgate My First Toothpaste
2012 US Mr Clean Magic Erase Bath Scrubber
2012 Mexico Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive
2012 Turkey In progress


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