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The Best U.S. Olympian ESPY Award was presented in 2006 to the sportsperson or team, irrespective of gender, affiliated with the United States Olympic Committee and contesting sport internationally adjudged to be the best. The award serves in practice to replace the gender-specific Best Male and Best Female Olympic Performance ESPY Awards, which were presented in 2005. The Best U.S. Male Olympian ESPY Award and Best U.S. Female Olympian ESPY Award superseded this award.

Balloting for the award is undertaken by fans over the Internet from amongst between three and five choices selected by the ESPN Select Nominating Committee, and the award is conferred in June to reflect performance and achievement over the twelve months previous.

List of winners[edit]

Year Athlete Sport and discipline or event contested
2006 Shaun White Snowboarding (halfpipe)

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