Best of Leæther Strip

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Best of Leæther Strip
Greatest hits album by Leæther Strip
Released 1996
Genre Industrial, EBM
Label Zoth Ommog
Leæther Strip chronology
Getting Away With Murder: Murders from 1982 to 1995
(1995)Getting Away With Murder: Murders from 1982 to 19951995
Best of Leæther Strip (1996) Retrospective

Best of Leæther Strip is a best-of compilation by Leæther Strip.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Japanese Bodies (Japanese Bodies)
  2. AntiUS (Psycho Strip Edit) (Solitary Confinement)
  3. Battleground (KGB Slam) (Body Rapture compilation)
  4. Leæther Strip II (Reanimated) (Aspects of Aggression)
  5. Strap Me Down (Solitary Confinement)
  6. Zyklon B (Science for the Satanic Citizen)
  7. Razor Blades (Go Berzerk) (The Pleasure of Penetration)
  8. Adrenalin Rush (Solitary Confinement)
  9. Nosecandy (Object V)
  10. Don't Tame Your Soul (Underneath the Laughter)
  11. No Rest for the Wicked (Legacy of Hate and Lust)
  12. Face of Evil
  13. Take the Fear Away