Best of the Worst

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Best of the Worst
Presented by Greg Kinnear
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Fox
Original release August 17, 1991 – January 24, 1992

Best of the Worst was a show aired by Fox Broadcasting Company as a part of its 1991-92 schedule.

Best of the Worst, hosted by Greg Kinnear, was a lighthearted celebration of the worst elements of life—the worst movies, the worst places to get married, the worst museums, the worst airline food, and the worst Elvis impersonators being only a few of the "worst" examples. There was even a special correspondent reporting from Japan, David Spector, apparently to prove that North America had no monopoly on life's worst things.

Due to its Nielsen ratings it was cancelled at midseason. It finished dead last out of 98 shows and only averaged a 4.42 rating. Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth claims that he and his friend Dal were responsible for causing the show to end. Burns called up a radio show and, while impersonating Dal, said his job was counting cows, which was partially untrue. To Burns' surprise, Dal was admitted to be on Best of the Worst, and ended up winning. He claimed that after Dal won, he received a phone call from a reporter and he mentioned that counting cows wasn't actually part of his job. The show was then cancelled, and the winner was modified.[1]


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