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Bester is a surname and may refer to:


  • Alfred Bester (1913-1987), American science fiction author
  • Allan Bester (born 1964), Canadian retired professional ice hockey goaltender
  • John Bester (1927-2010), English translator of modern Japanese non-fiction
  • Junior Bester (born 1987), South African rugby union player
  • Madge Bester (born 1963), South African believed to be the world's shortest living woman
  • Marinus Bester (born 1969), German football player
  • Philip Bester (born 1988), Canadian tennis player
  • Rolly Bester (1917-1984), American actress and advertising executive, wife of Alfred Bester
  • Rudolf Bester (born 1983), Namibian football player
  • Ryan Bester (born 1984), Canadian lawn bowler
  • Willie Bester (born 1956), South African artist

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