Bestial Mockery

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Bestial Mockery
OriginUddevalla, Sweden
GenresBlack metal[1]
Years active1995–2008, 2011-present
Hell's Headbangers
Impaler of Trendies
Metal Blood Music
Season of Mist
Time Before Time
Turanian Honour
Witching Metal Reckords
Associated actsIlldåd
Funeral Curse
Örjans Orkester
Sadistic Grimness
Zyclone System
WebsiteBestial Mockery @ Myspace
MembersMaster Motorsåg (vocals)
Micke Doomanfanger (guitar)
Rob DevilPig (bass)
Aggressive Protector (guitar)
Carl Warslaughter (drums)
Past membersTed Bundy (guitar)
Sir Torment (bass)
Fjant Sodomizer (bass)
Anti-Fred-Rik (bass)
Jocke Christcrusher (bass)

Bestial Mockery is a Swedish black metal band formed in Uddevalla in 1995 by the quartet of Carl "Master Motorsåg" Bildt, Micke "Doomanfanger" Petersson, Jocke "Christcrusher" and Carl "Warslaughter".[2] The band's stated aim at that time was to "channel perverted lusts for Satanic bloody Metal".[2] Although they split up in 2008, Bestial Mockery released four full-length albums for Metal Blood Music, Osmose and Season of Mist, as well as a large number of stand-alone EPs and split releases with other underground metal acts. In a review of Slaying the Life in Decibel magazine, a similarity between the band and Nunslaughter was noted.[3] As of November 11, 2011, the band is active again.


Last known line-up[edit]

  • Carl "Master Motorsåg" Bildt (vocals)

Rob Devilpig Mastodont Wartones

  • Micke "Doomanfanger" Petersson (guitar)
  • Aggressive Perfector (guitar)
  • Carl Warslaughter (drums)

Former line-ups[edit]

  • Ted Bundy (guitar)
  • Sir Torment (bass)
  • Fjant Sodomizer (bass)
  • Anti-Fred-Rik (bass)
  • Jocke Christcrusher (bass)
  • Rob DevilPig (bass)



  • Battle Promo (1996)
  • Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (1997)
  • Chainsaw Demons Return (1998)
  • War: The Final Solution (2000)
  • Sepulchral Wrath (2006)


  • Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw (Metal Blood Music, 2002; re-released by Hell's Headbangers, 2009)
  • Evoke the Desecrator (Osmose, 2003)
  • Gospel of the Insane (Osmose, 2006)
  • Slaying the Life (Season of Mist, 2007)


  • Live for Violence, split cassette with Lust (Impaler of Trendies, 1999)
  • Nuclear Goat / Joyful Dying, split 7" with Suicidal Winds (2000)
  • A Sign of Satanic Victory (Warlord, 2002)
  • Tribute to I-17, split with Axis Powers (Agonia, 2004)
  • Outbreak of Evil, split with Nocturnal, Vomitor and Toxic Holocaust (Witching Metal Reckords, 2004)
  • Eve of the Bestial Massacre, split with Unholy Massacre (Deathstrike, 2005; re-released by Agonia, 2006)
  • Poison of the Underground, split with Force of Darkness (Turanian Honour, 2007)
  • Metal of Death, split with Destruktor (Hell's Headbangers, 2007)
  • Hail Occult Masters, split with Karnarium (Hell's Headbangers, 2008)
  • Deep Grave Dungeons, split with Crucifier, Throneum and Sathanas (Time Before Time, 2008)


  • Chainsaw Execution (Sombre, 2001)
  • The Unholy Trinity (Witchhammer, 2007)
  • Chainsaw Destruction (12 Years on the Bottom of a Bottle) (Terranis, 2007)


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