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Bestial Warlust was an underground cult War Metal (Black/Death Metal) band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1993.


The band was first formed under the name Corpse Molestation and at the time played Black Death Metal with five demos and one demo compilation under the name. Their lyrical themes involved death, war and blasphemy. The band also used pseudonyms instead of actual names to hide their identity. They were one of the pioneers of Australian black metal[1] and extreme metal, recording two black/death metal albums in the mid-nineties before breaking up. Their style was raw and furious,[2] taking off from the old-school black metal style found in such bands as Bathory, Sarcófago, Beherit, and Blasphemy. Many members of Bestial Warlust went on to form Deströyer 666 and participate in other Australian extreme metal acts.

Band members[edit]

Last known line-up[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Damon a.k.a. Bloodstorm - Vocals (ex-Corpse Molestation, Kutabare, Abominator, Cemetery Urn)
  • Chris Corpsemolester − Bass (ex-Corpse Molestation)
  • Phil (Bullet Eater) Gresik − Bass (ex-Deströyer 666, ex-Hobbs' Angel of Death, Long Voyage Back, ex-Mass Confusion)
  • Keith a.k.a. K.K. Warslut − Guitar (Deströyer 666, ex-Corpse Molestation, Raven's Wing)
  • Marauder − Guitar (Gospel of the Horns, ex-Deströyer 666 (live), Funerary Pit)
  • Andrea a.k.a. Vanthe - Bass (Netherworld, Orchestra Infernale)
  • Undertaker - Bass (Abominator, Cemetery Urn)


  • Vengeance War Till Death (1994)
  • Blood & Valour (1995)
  • Promo 1993 [1 Track] (1993)
  • Promo 1995 (1995)
  • Satan's Fist (1998)
  • The Blackend Vol. 1 Black Metal Compilation Feat: "Satanic" From "Vengeance...War 'Till Death"
  • The Blackend Vol. 2 (Black Metal Compilation

Feat: "Orgy Of Souls (Hallowed Night - 12a Jacaranda Avenue - 30 minutes - cash)" From "Blood & Valour"


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