Bet.e & Stef

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Bet.e & Stef
Origin Montreal, Quebec
Genres Bossa Nova, Jazz

Bet.e and Stef Records Universal Music Group (Canada)

Compost (Germany, EU)
Members Elizabeth "Bet.e" Provencher
Stéphane "Stef" Carreau

Bet.e & Stef is a Canadian bossa nova and jazz group from Montreal, Quebec, consisting of vocalist and percussionist Elizabeth "Bet.e" Provencher and vocalist and guitarist Stéphane "Stef" Carreau.[1] They are best known for their 2002 album Day by Day, which sold 200,000 copies,[2] and were shortlisted for the Juno Award for New Group of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2003.[3]


Bet.e & Stef came together in the mid-1990s. The duo released two independent demo cassettes before releasing their debut album, Jazz/Bossa Nova, in 1997.[4] They toured to support the album as an opening act for Holly Cole,[5] and the album was eventually certified gold for sales of 50,000 copies. They then signed to Verve Records[4] and followed up with Day by Day in 2002,[4] which also attained gold certification in Canada.[6] In 2003 the band members stopped performingand recording together, and worked on separate projects for about ten years.

In 2013 Bet.e & Stef reformed, and released an album, Remix Deluxe, which contained new versions of some of their previously released material, and once again began performing in Montréal.[7] In 2014 they performed at the Montréal en lumière festival,[8] and released It's All Right, a double album which was a mixture of remixes, previously released tracks and new material.[9]04/02/2014

The pair released an album, Seeds, with eight new compositions, in 2015.[10][11] That year they also performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.[12]


  • Jazz/Bossa Nova (1997)
  • Day by Day (2002)
  • Remix Deluxe (2013)
  • It's All Right (2014)
  • Seeds (2015)


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