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Football League
Country  Greece
Founded 1983 in its current format
2010 with its current name
Number of teams 20
Level on pyramid 2
Promotion to Super League
Relegation to Football League 2
Domestic cup(s) Greek Cup
Current champions AEK Athens
TV partners OTE Sport
2014–15 Football League

Football League, former Beta Ethniki (Greek: Β΄ Εθνική, II National Category), is the second highest professional football league in Greece, being a feeder-league to the top-level Superleague Greece.

2014-15 Member Clubs[edit]

Team Location Stadium Capacity Last season
AEK Athens Maroussi Olympic Stadium 69,618 FL 2,Group 6 , 1st
Acharnaikos Menidi Acharnes Stadium 4,450 South Group, 7th
Agrotikos Asteras Evosmos Agrotikos Asteras Ground 2,267 FL 2,Group 1 , 1st
Aiginiakos Aiginio Municipal Stadium of Eginio 1,000 North Group, 3rd & Play-offs, 6th
Anagennisi Karditsa Karditsa Karditsa Stadium 9,500 North Group, 5th
Alimos Alimos Agios Dimitrios Stadium 4,000 FL 2,Group 5 , 1st
Apollon Kalamaria Kalamaria Kalamaria Stadium 6,500 North Group, 7th
Apollon Smyrni Athens Georgios Kamaras Stadium 14,856 SL, 17th
Chania Chania Perivolia Municipal Stadium 2,800 South Group, 2nd & Play-offs, 4th
Episkopi Rethimno DAK Gallos Stadium 1,300 South Group, 11th
Enosi Ermionida Kranidi Municipal Kranidi Stadium 800 FL 2,Group 4 , 1st
PAE Serres Serres Serres Municipal Stadium 9,500 North Group, 8th
Fokikos Amfissa Amfissa Municipal Stadium 1,000 South Group, 9th
Fostiras Tavros Tavros Stadium 4,000 South Group, 3rd & Play-offs, 8th
Iraklis Psachna Psachna Psachna Municipal Stadium 5,500 South Group, 4th & Play-offs, 5th
Iraklis Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Kaftanzoglio Stadium 27,770 North Group, 4th & Play-offs, 7th
Kallithea Kallithea Grigoris Lambrakis Stadium 4,250 South Group, 8th
Lamia Lamia Lamia Stadium 6,000 FL 2,Group 3 , 1st
AEL Larissa AEL FC Arena 16,118 FL 2,Group 2 , 1st
Olympiakos Volou Volos Volos Municipal Stadium 9,000 South Group, 1st & Play-offs, 3rd
Panachaiki Patras Kostas Davourlis Stadium 11,321 South Group, 6th
Panegialios Aigio Aigio Stadium 4,500 South Group, 5th
Paniliakos Pyrgos Pirgos Municipal Stadium 6,750 South Group, 10th
Pierikos Katerini Katerini Municipal Stadium 4,956 North Group, 11th
Tyrnavos Tyrnavos Alcazar Stadium 13,108 North Group, 6th
Zakynthos Zakynthos Zakynthians Olympic Champions Ground 2,000 North Group, 9th


It began in 1954 as regional championship, separated in two groups, North and South. Then, the participating teams were the champions of each Greek football clubs association. Every year the participating teams were different. In 1960, the Division took its name and some teams were permanent. From 1960 to 1984, there existed multiple groups, peaking in 1962 with ten groups. In 1962, the Division was made permanent, something that had as an essential condition the disengagement of the teams from their local championships. This change has led many statisticians to begin statistics from this period (1962–63). For 21 periods, from 1962–63 to 1982–83, championship was carried out in groups. The subordinate system was introduced for first time in 1983–84 season.

On August 3, 2010, the change of division's name to Football League was announced.[1]


At present, there are twenty six clubs that compete in the Football League, divided in two groups playing each other in a home and away series. At the end of the season, the bottom three teams are relegated to the Football League 2. The top three teams gain automatic promotion. However, teams positioned fourth to seventh take part in a promotion play-off. Unlike the Superleague, clubs in the Football League do not get relegated if the club fails to obtain a license. All teams in the Football League take part in the Greek Football Cup. From the 2014-15 season the top teams won't get a direct promotion to Superleague but they will play in a 10 game play-offs where the top 2 teams will move to Superleague .


From 1960 to 1962[edit]

Season Winner
1959–60 Fostiras, Atromitos Piraeus, Panelefsiniakos, Thermaikos
1960–61 Panelefsiniakos, Niki Volou, Aspida Xanthi, Egaleo
1961–62 Pankorinthiakos, Panegialios, Iraklis Kavala,
Iraklis Serres, Achilleas Trikala, Larissa,
Olympiakos Volos, Pierikos, Vyzas,
Rodiakos, OFI

From 1963 to 1982[edit]

Season Winner
1962–63 Edessaikos, Doxa Drama,
Olympiakos Chalkida, Pankorinthiakos
1963–64 Panachaiki, Proodeftiki, Philippi Kavala
1964–65 Panserraikos, Edessaikos, Egaleo, Vyzas
1965–66 Veria, OFI, Vyzas
1966–67 Panelefsiniakos, Kavala, Olympiakos Volou
1967–68 Chalkida, Trikala
1968–69 Panachaiki, Kavala
1969–70 Apollon Athens, Veria, Fostiras
1970–71 Panachaiki, Trikala, Ethnikos Olympiakos Volou
1971–72 Panserraikos, Kalamata, Atromitos
1972–73 Apollon Athens, Apollon Kalamarias, Larissa
1973–74 PAS Giannina, Kastoria, Kalamata
1974–75 Apollon Athens, Panetolikos, Pierikos
1975–76 Kavala, OFI
1976–77 Egaleo, Veria
1977–78 Rodos, Larissa
1978–79 Doxa Dramas, Korinthos
1979–80 Panserraikos, Atromitos
1980–81 Rodos, Iraklis
1981–82 Panachaiki, Makedonikos
1982–83 Egaleo, Apollon Kalamarias

From 1983[edit]

Season Winner
1983–84 Panachaiki
1984–85 PAS Giannina
1985–86 Diagoras
1986–87 Panachaiki
1987–88 Doxa Drama
1988–89 Skoda Xanthi
1989–90 Athinaikos
1990–91 Ethnikos Piraeus
1991–92 Apollon Kalamarias
1992–93 Naoussa
1993–94 Ionikos
Season Winner
1994–95 Paniliakos
1995–96 Kavala
1996–97 Panionios
1997–98 Aris
1998–99 Trikala
1999–2000 Athinaikos
2000–01 Egaleo
2001–02 PAS Giannina
2002–03 Chalkidona
2003–04 Kerkyra
2004–05 Larissa
Season Winner
2005–06 Ergotelis
2006–07 Asteras Tripolis
2007–08 Panserraikos
2008–09 Atromitos
2009–10 Olympiakos Volos
2010–11 Panetolikos
2011–12 Panthrakikos
2012–13 Apollon Smyrni
2013–14 Niki Volos
2014–15 AEK Athens


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