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Sucos Manufahi.png
Betano is located in East Timor
Location in East Timor
Coordinates: 9°9′52″S 125°43′30″E / 9.16444°S 125.72500°E / -9.16444; 125.72500Coordinates: 9°9′52″S 125°43′30″E / 9.16444°S 125.72500°E / -9.16444; 125.72500
Country  Timor-Leste
District Manufahi District
Subdistrict Same
Suco Betano
Climate Aw

Betano is a village and suco in southwest of Manufahi District, East Timor. The Suco has 4,577 inhabitants (2004).


Betano was a traditional Timorese kingdom in former times. The Kingdom of We Hale with their mighty King Nai Loro Tiris

HMAS Voyager became grounded at the bay at Betano after offloading the 2/4th Independent Company on 25 September 1942. The ship was blown up and scuttled after it could not be refloated. On 1 December 1942, HMAS Armidale was sunk by 13 Japanese aircraft, while attempting to evacuate Australian and Dutch soldiers and deliver a relief contingent.[1]


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