Beth Lapides

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Beth Lapides
BornUnited States
MediumStand-up comedy, television, film

Beth Lapides (/ləˈpdʌs/; lə-PEE-dəs) is an entertainer, writer, and comedian.[1]


Lapides began her career as a visual and performance artist in New York.[2] She continues to exhibit in group shows.


By 1990 Lapides and her partner and husband Greg Miller had moved to Los Angeles. In 1993 they created Un-Cabaret, a live show that became an important venue for the Los Angeles "alternative comedy" movement.[3][4][5] Notable shows that emerged from the Un-Cabaret included Julia Sweeney's God Said, 'Ha! and Laura Kightlinger's book Quick Shots of False Hope.[4] Spin-off productions from the Un-Cabaret have included Say the Word, a story-telling show; The Other Network, a show featuring unaired pilots, and the Un-Cab Lab, a student workshop.[4]

Did I Wake You?[edit]

Lapides's first book Did I Wake You?--Haikus for Modern Living was published in 2007.[4]


Lapides has created several one-person shows and performance pieces, including a satirical 1992 campaign to be elected First Lady,[6][7] a 2007 show based on her book of haiku,[4] and a recent production entitled 100% Happy 88% of the Time.[8]


Lapides appeared in the "Sex and the City" TV series as a performance artist who doesn't speak or eat in the "One" episode (2003).


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