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Beth Shak

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Beth Shak
Beth Shak full.jpg
Born (1969-11-08) November 8, 1969 (age 46)
World Series of Poker
Bracelet(s) None
Final table(s) 3
Money finish(es) 8
World Poker Tour
Title(s) None
Final table(s) None
Money finish(es) 4
European Poker Tour
Title(s) None
Final table(s) None
Money finish(es) 1
Information accurate as of 30 May 2014.

Beth Shak (born November 8, 1969) is an American professional poker player, who has been playing professionally since 2004. She is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as a shoe and handbag expert. Shak ran a private vintage designer clothing business for 10 years.[1] Her most recent project is a custom designed poker chip set currently on pre-order at her website.[2]

Listed as one of the most attractive poker players[3] Shak has appeared in the World Series of Poker, CBS, Playboy's Poker Tournament, "Aces & Angels" at the Playboy Mansion, YRB Magazine's "Rock It" fashion spread, Social Life magazine, Shoeholics magazine, Good Morning America, The View,'s You've Got, The Today Show and MTV Cribs.

Shak has been featured on several television programs, including 20/20, Celebrity Nightmares, Millionaire Matchmaker, Poker After Dark and NY Ink. She has been a contributing writer to Cosmopolitan and PhillyMag and has been featured several times in the Huffington Post. In 2012, Shak was listed by Philadelphia Daily News in their Sexy Singles for 2012.[4] Shak was also mentioned in the NY Times for her role in a documentary about high heels.[5]

Poker career

Shak initially learned to play poker by logging on to Full Tilt Poker and using “play money” until she felt comfortable enough to start playing with real money. When she started playing live, she found it to be “very different” and had to learn not to let men intimidate her. She has said she wants to be known as a good player, not "a good player...for a woman."[6] In 2007, Shak signed on as a Red Pro for Full Tilt Poker.

She's won 3 Word Series of Poker final tables and has thirteen tournament cashes to her name, placing her amongst the top percentile of the Women's All Time Money List.[7] At her first final table, she lost to Jennifer Tilly. She placed 8th in the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies' event, which was only her second live tournament. At the 2007 World Series of Poker Shak placed 2nd (out of over 800 players) in the $3K No-Limit Hold ‘em event.[8]

Shak made it to the final day of Season 5 of the European Poker Tour (EPT) finishing in the top 30 out of over 500 players, according to the European Poker Tour season 5 results. Her most recent win was in Johannesburg, South Africa playing 7 card stud.

As of 2009, her total live tournament winnings exceed $450,000.[9] Of those winnings, $363,118 have come at the WSOP.

Shoe collection

Shak owns approximately 1,200 pairs of shoes, valued at ~$1 million (£640,000),[10] including 700 pairs by designer Christian Louboutin.[11] Her shoe collection has led to her receiving no small amount of media attention. Her shoe collection has been written about in many articles and she has made several TV appearances to talk about it. She was featured next to other celebrities such as Fergie and Kelly Rowland in the documentary God Save My Shoes, directed by Julie Benasra.[12][13]

Handbag Collection

Beth Shak has an extensive handbag collection. She started it when she was 16 years old and added many unique handbags during her vintage clothing business and while traveling around the world playing poker and added to her collection while she was traveling. It was both a passion and an investment [14]

Personal life

Shak was married to fellow poker player Daniel Shak, but they are now divorced.[15] A civil suit for a portion of her shoes was brought against Shak by her ex-husband, but was dismissed.[16] Shak appeared on a November 2010 episode of "reality" television program, Millionaire Matchmaker, as a "millionairess" seeking professional dating help to find a life partner.[17] She has three children.

Shak has developed a clothing line which includes hoodies and tank tops with plans for a high-end shoe line and a line of lingerie.[18]


Shak is the founder and chair of the Deal Me In For Jed Poker Event[19] benefitting The JED Foundation (founded by Phil and Donna Satow in memory of their son Jed), a non-profit organization working to promote emotional health and prevent suicide among college and university students. The event is hosted by Beth Shak and Jamie Gold. She comments, "I picked The JED Foundation to work with because what they stand for really resonated with me. My daughter has had a few challenges and it warms my heart to know that JED is out there to help and support kids like her." Celebrity guests include Zach Brown and DaQuan Jones and from the Tennessee Titans, Garry Gilliam and Jordan Hill from the Seattle Seahawks, Rick Leventhal, Constantine Maroulis, and Montel Williams - amongst others.[20]

Shak is a philanthropist, playing in many charity poker tournaments, raising money for various charities, most notably the "All in" for Kids Poker Tournament (which she co-founded)[21] for The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania’s Palliative Care program.[22] She is on the board of the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation,[23] the advisory board of, and is on a committee at Gift of Life.[24] She supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation[25] and attended the LeSean McCoy celebrity charity weekend.[26]

Shak has created the " Beth Shak Charitable Foundation" in order to support charitable organizations that give back to communities. “Shades of Greatness Foundation Inc.” - The LeSean McCoy Foundation[27] and the M. Night Shayamalan Foundation[28] are among the organizations that she supports.

Shak co-chaired the Pink Tie Ball in 2005. She is on the committee of ONEXONE and she is also a supporter of American Red Cross,[29] P.A.W.S.,[30] Redlight Children Campaign,[31] Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation,[32] and ASPCA.[33]

Other chartiable events/foundations Shak has supported include:

  • 'Ante Up for Africa'[34]
  • The annual 'Sunflower Children Texas Hold'Em Celebrity Charity Benefit'[35]
  • 'Poker Jingle' for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society[36]
  • 'Celeb Hold'Em' event benefiting the Miracle Foundation[37]
  • Pledges towards the Pennsylvania Vet Working Dog Center[38]

Media appearances

Movies / documentaries
Year Title Notes
2009 God Save My Shoes Documentary on the intimate relationship women have with their shoes[39]
Year Program or media outlet Notes
2008 Poker After Dark Season 3 Episode 46[40]
2009 Access Hollywood Shopping with Eva Longoria
2009 "Gambling Secrets from the Pros"[41]
2009 MTV Appearance on MTV Teen Cribs
2010 Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer Appearance on October, 2010
2010 Fox News Channel "Poker Face"[42]
2010 NBC 10 Philadelphia "Poker Champion Gives Back"[43]
2010 Asylum "Poker Player Beth Shak"[44]
2010 RTL Deutschland Shak featured on a Dutch television series.
2010 Fox News Channel "Is Taxing Poker a Bad Play?"[45]
2010 Fox Business Network Segment:"Buy Sell Hold 9/2/10"[46]
2010 Stars and Stories Shak featured on a German television show.
2010 Millionaire Matchmaker Appearance on November, 2010.
2011 "Ankle Breaking News: Beth Shak, Justin Bieber, Adidas, Lady Gaga"[47]
2011 "You've Got Beth Shak"[48]
2011 The Today Show "Poker queen antes up 1,200 pairs of shoes"[49]
2011 Vine Talk Appearance on Vine Talk with Stanley Tucci[50]
2011 Cosmo TV Appearance on Series: Oh So Cosmo
2011 Fox News Channel "God Save My Shoes"[51]
2011 Inside Edition Story on Shak's shoe collection.
2011 The Daily "High on Heels"[52]
2011 The Wendy Williams Show Appearance on the Wendy Williams Show[53]
2011 Celebrity Nightmares Decoded Episode 3[54]
2011 One on One with Steve Adubato Appearance on November 12, 2011
2011 God Save My Shoes - Webisode "Beth Shak's Shoe Closet"[55]
2012 NY Ink Season 2 - Beth Shak: Poker Hottie[56]
2012 Fox News Fox Philly - Deals on Boots and Bags[57]
2012 Good Morning America Shoe Addicts' Obsession Revealed in Documentary[58]
2012 Fox News Fox Philly - Daily News Sexy Singles on a Good Day[59]
2012 The View (U.S. TV series) The View - Episode 714
2012 20/20 (U.S. TV series) 20/20 - I'm Obsessed With...[60]
2012 HLN (TV channel) HLN - Evening Express - Suit Dropped Over Woman's Shoe Collection
2013 Million Dollar Shoppers Million Dollar Shoppers Season 1[61]
2014 Fox Friday Night Live Fox Friday Night Live, August 29, 2014[62]
2014 The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Fox News - October 23, 2014[63]
2015 CBS Sports CBS Sports, Poker Night in America - November 9, 2015 and November 10, 2015[64]
2015 CBS Local Media CBS Local, Seen at 11: Investing in Handbags... - December 9, 2015[65]


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