Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church Singapore

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Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church
Bethany IPC01.jpg
Country Singapore
Denomination Independent-Presbyterian
Senior pastor(s) Rev Dr Charles Tan
Pastor(s) Rev Mitchell Tan
Rev Mark Tan

Bethany Independent-Presbyterian Church (IPC) is an independent church located between the Paya Lebar and Serangoon areas of central Singapore. It is the mother church of the IPC Family, which spans Singapore, India, Australia and Myanmar. The church’s teachings and practices are based on a belief in the inerrancy of the Bible and its final authority in faith and life. More details of the church's beliefs can be found in its statement of faith.[1]

The church maintains a Bible study[2] resource on its website as well as audio[3] and video[4] recordings of weekly messages.


God’s Kind of Church...

where God is touching lives...

and people care for people.


Bethany IPC grew out of a Sunday School outreach to the Seletar Hills estate. It was founded as a house church in 1973 with 25 members and moved to its current location at 301 Upper Paya Lebar Road in 1993.

Sunday Worship Services[edit]

  • Morning Worship 10.30am
  • Teens’ Worship 10.30am
  • Children’s Worship 10.30am
  • Evening Worship 5pm
  • Bilingual Worship 5pm


Sunday School[edit]

The Sunday School[5] Ministry caters to children and adults. It aims to instruct every Christian in the Word of God and equip each one for effective service.

Weekday Meetings[edit]

Fellowship groups[edit]

Camps & seminars[edit]

  • Family Camp (March school holidays)
  • Young Adults’ Group Seminar (2-3 times/ year)
  • Youth Conference (December school holidays)
  • Junior Camp (June school holidays)

Music ministry[edit]

  • Choirs (One Voice, Youth, Evergreens, Crossroads, Remnant)
  • Handbells & Chimes

Bethany Kindergarten[6][edit]

Online Bible Study Tools & Publications[edit]

Daily Devotionals[edit]

  • Revealed by the Spirit

Two series of daily devotions on the Epistles to the Romans[7] (2008–2009) and Ephesians[8] come under this title.

  • But We See Jesus

The series on the four Gospels focus on the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus - Matthew,[9] Mark,[10] Luke,[11] John[12]

  • By Faith We Understand

The two series on Genesis[13] and Exodus[14] explores how to understand and apply faith in God.

Parenting By The Book[15][edit]

A series of studies on parenting based on the Book of Proverbs

A Theology of Prayer[16][edit]

Youth Walk[17][edit]


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