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Bethel Chapel
Former Bethel Chapel Sunday School

The Bethel Chapel (1853) is an independent Methodist chapel in Halifax Road, Shelf, Yorkshire.

Records compiled in 2007 show that 4,938 people have been buried in the graveyard there since it opened in 1852, including three Elizabeth Taylors and one Isaac Newton.[1]


The chapel was built in 1853 in 139 days but the original builder and architect are unknown. In 1995 it was altered to provide space for the Sunday School and community groups in the same building, including installing an upper floor to replace the gallery and the installation a kitchen and new toilet facilities in the rear wing of the building. A number of the original tiered box pews remain.

When it opened the chapel was connected with the Wesleyan Reform movement. But in 1873 it joined the United Methodist Free Church and has remained independent ever since.[2]

Notable burials[edit]

Notable burials include Joseph Jagger, the man who in 1881 "broke the bank at Monte Carlo"[1][3] and Edward Hartley, an early socialist politician who retired to Shelf.[citation needed]

The cemetery includes at least three war graves from the First World War, including Second Lieutenant A. E. Lord of the Yorkshire Regiment who won the Military Medal and died in 1918.


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