Bethlehem Library

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Bethlehem Library Park
Biblioteca Belen(20)-Medellin.JPG
Exterior view of library
Type Public Library
Established March 15, 2008
Location Belén, Medellin, Colombia

Bethlehem Library (Spanish: Parque Biblioteca Belén) is one of ten library parks in Medellín, Colombia. The library was designed by Japanese architect Hiroshi Naito in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.[1] It is named after its location in the Belén (Bethlehem) commune of Medellín.

The library park has public spaces with three different ambiances: a green plaza, a water plaza, and a plaza for the public.


Universities in Colombia began a program of sharing with the University of Tokyo in 2006. As part of this exchange, a group of architects from the University of Tokyo, under the direction of Hiroshi Naito, donated the design of Bethlehem Library.[2]

Interior view of Bethlehem Library Park.


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