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The Bethpage Union Free School District (BUFSD) in Bethpage, New York contains 5 schools. The boundaries of the school district include parts of some surrounding hamlets (such as Old Bethpage, Plainview, and Plainedge).

The District has a projector and computer in almost every classroom and many computer labs. There are over 3,000 students and over 280 teachers. The Superintendent of Schools is Terrence Clark. The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology is David Schneider, former principal of JFK Middle School. Scott Harrington is the Assistant Superintendent for Business, and Caroline Lavelle is the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.

Current Schools[edit]

  • Bethpage High School, grades 9-12, was completed in 1959. Located at the intersection of Cherry Avenue and Stewart Avenue; led by Principal Nicholas Jantz.[1]
  • JFK Middle School, completed between 1950 and 1952, at one time or another has housed every grade (from K to 12). All three elementary schools feed into this one middle school, which presently has grades 6 to 8 and is under Principal Kevin Fullerton.[2]
  • Central Boulevard Elementary, completed 1955-1956,[3] is run by Principal Steven P. Furrey.[4]
  • Charles Campagne Elementary, completed in 1962,[3] is led by Principal Erin Lindsay-DiFiglia.[5]
  • Kramer Lane Elementary, built in 1957,[3] is within the Plainview Postal District and is run by Principal Kerri McCarthy.[6]

Former schools[edit]

  • Bedelltown Elementary (first school in the area, built 1858, was at Broadway & Plainview Road, rebuilt on higher ground in 1890s at Broadway and Cherry Avenue)[3] At the time of its founding, the school district's name was Bedelltown.[7]
  • Powell Avenue Elementary (built 1912, demolished for the 1963 construction of the Bethpage Public Library)[3]
  • Pine Avenue Elementary (built 1954, closed 1980)[3]
  • Bloomingdale Elementary (built 1959, closed 1972)[3]

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