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Beto may refer to a person with the surname Beto, or the nickname for given names Alberto, Albertino, Berthony, Heriberto, Norberto, Roberto or Humberto, usually short for 'berto.

By nationality[edit]



  • Beto Carrero (1937 – 2008), Brazilian theme park owner, entertainer
  • Beto Richa (born 1965), Governor of the Brazilian state of Paraná (2011- )
  • Beto Furquim (born 1964), Brazilian singer, songwriter
  • Beto Guedes (born 1951), Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter
  • Beto Laudisio, full name Roberto Laudisio Curti, Brazilian student
  • Roberto Seabra (born 1976), Brazilian water polo player




United States[edit]

  • Alberto "Beto" Gutierrez, American author, teacher
  • Alberto Navarro, (born 1989), American soccer player
  • Beto O'Rourke (born 1972), American entrepreneur, civic leader
  • George Beto (1916 – 1991), American criminologist, educator
  • Gilbert Hernandez (born 1957), also known by the nickname Beto, cartoonist best known for the Love and Rockets comics
  • Roberto de la Rocha, also known as Beto, American artist
  • Mr. Beto in Cruz v. Beto, a 1972 United States Supreme Court case


  • Beto Acosta (born 1977), Uruguayan footballer
  • Beto Cuevas (born 1967), Chilean singer and artist
  • Beto Ortiz (born 1968), Peruvian journalist, TV personality, and writer
  • Carlos Alberto Rentería Mantilla (born 1945), also known as Beto Renteria, former Colombian narcotrafficker and crime boss
  • Robert de Pinho de Souza (born 1981) also known as Robert Pinho or simply Robert (and as Beto, but in his early career only), Brazilian footballer from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.