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Beto may refer to a person with the surname Beto, or the nickname for given names Alberto, Albertino, Berthony, Heriberto, Norberto, Roberto or Humberto, usually short for 'berto. It occurs mostly in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and communities.

By nationality[edit]



  • Beto Carrero (1937 – 2008), Brazilian theme park owner, entertainer
  • Beto Richa (born 1965), Governor of the Brazilian state of Paraná (2011- )
  • Beto Furquim (born 1964), Brazilian singer, songwriter
  • Beto Guedes (born 1951), Brazilian musician, singer, songwriter
  • Beto Laudisio, full name Roberto Laudisio Curti, Brazilian student
  • Beto Mansur (born 1951), Brazilian politician and soybean farmer
  • Roberto Seabra (born 1976), Brazilian water polo player




United States[edit]


  • Beto Acosta (born 1977), Uruguayan footballer
  • Beto Cuevas (born 1967), Chilean singer and artist
  • Beto Ortiz (born 1968), Peruvian journalist, TV personality, and writer
  • Carlos Alberto Rentería Mantilla (born 1945), also known as Beto Renteria, former Colombian narcotrafficker and crime boss
  • Robert de Pinho de Souza (born 1981) also known as Robert Pinho or simply Robert (and as Beto, but in his early career only), Brazilian footballer from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.