Beto Guedes

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Beto Guedes
Birth name Alberto de Castro Guedes
Born (1951-08-13) August 13, 1951 (age 65)
Origin Montes Claros, Brazil
Genres Música popular brasileira
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, guitarist
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1966–present
Associated acts Clube da Esquina, 14 Bis, Milton Nascimento
Website [1]

Alberto de Castro Guedes, (born August 13, 1951) (Montes Claros), is a guitar player, singer and brazilian songwriter.


Beto Guedes has been playing in bands since he was a teenager. When he was 18 years old he took part in the V Singers International Festival, with the song “Feira Moderna” composed jointly with Fernando Brant. He formed the musical group Clube da Esquina with Milton Nascimento, Lô Borges and Fernando Brant. The Minas Gerais folk music tradition was the group's main influence, along with 60’s rock and Guedes’s influence from Choro. His next band was 14 Bis. In 1977 he launched his first LP, A Página do Relâmpago Elétrico, which was an unexpected success. In 1978 he issued the LP Amor de Índio, whose title song was Guedes's biggest career success. He is now a solo artist. His most successful songs have been issued in CD format by EMI.

Discography and biggest success[edit]

Lumiar (Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos)
Amor de Índio (Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos)
Sol de Primavera (Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos)
O Sal da Terra (Beto Guedes and Ronaldo Bastos)
Contos da Lua Vaga (Beto Guedes e Márcio Borges)
Vevecos, Panelas e Canelas (Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant)
Canção do Novo Mundo (Beto Guedes e Ronaldo Bastos)
Quando te Vi (Meredith Willson - Ronaldo Bastos's version)
Paisagem da Janela (Lô Borges and Fernando Brant)
Até Depois (Luis Guedes, Paulo Flexa and Thomas Roth)
Sonhando o Futuro (Cláudio Venturini and Lô Borges)
O Amor por Nós (Jimmy Webb, versão: Beto Guedes and Tadeu Franco)
Um Sonho Pra Viver (Renato Vasconcelos and Murilo Antunes)
Outra Manhã (Beto Guedes and Murilo Antunes)
Lamento Árabe (Godofredo Guedes)
Em Algum Lugar (Frederick Rousseau, version: Fernando Brant)
Eu Te Dou Meu Coração (Beto Guedes, Léo Lopes and Ronaldo Bastos)
Amor de Filho (Beto Guedes and Milton Nascimento)
A Via Lactea (Lô Borges and Ronaldo Bastos)
Tua Canção (Ronaldo Cotrim and Carolina Futuro)
Vem Ver o Sol (Cláudio Faria)
Júlia (Gabriel Guedes)
  • 2005 - DVD e CD Beto Guedes - 50 anos ao vivo

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