Betoi language

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Native to Venezuela
Region Orinoco llanos
Extinct 18th century
  • Situfa
  • Airico
  • Lolaca
  • Jirara
  • Betoi
  • Ele
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Linguist list
Glottolog beto1236[1]

Betoi (Betoy) or Betoi-Jirara is an extinct language of Venezuela, south of the Apure River near the modern border with Colombia. The names Betoi and Jirara are those of two of its peoples/dialects; the language proper has no known name. At contact, Betoi was a local lingua franca spoken between the Uribante and Sarare rivers and along the Arauca. Enough was recorded for a brief grammatical monograph to be written (Zamponi 2003).

Betoi is generally seen as an isolate, though Kaufman (2007) included it in Macro-Paesan.


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