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For the British Olympic fencer, see Fiona McIntosh (fencer).
Fiona McIntosh
Born 1960
Brighton, England
Pen name Lauren Crow
Occupation Author
Nationality Australian
Period 2001 – present
Genre Fantasy, crime, history

Fiona McIntosh (born 1960) is an author of adult and children's books who lives in Australia.[1][2] She was born in Brighton, England and between the ages of three and eight, travelled a lot to Africa due to her father's work. At the age of nineteen, she travelled first to Paris and later to Australia, where she has lived ever since. In 2007, she released a crime novel, Bye Bye Baby, under the pseudonym of Lauren Crow,[3] however the pen name has since been dropped for the republished edition of Bye Bye Baby and for the sequel, Beautiful Death.

Published works[edit]

Adult fiction[edit]


  • Betrayal (2001)[4]
  • Revenge (2002)
  • Destiny (2002)

The Quickening[edit]


Main article: Percheron (series)
  • Odalisque (2005)
  • Emissary (2006)
  • Goddess (2007)


Main article: Valisar Trilogy

Jack Hawksworth series[edit]

  • Bye Bye Baby (2007, writing under the pen-name Lauren Crow)
  • Beautiful Death (2009)[6]

Other novels[edit]

  • Fields of Gold (2010)
  • The Lavender Keeper (2012)
  • The Scrivener's Tale (2012, standalone novel set in the world of The Quickening)
  • The French Promise (2013, sequel to The Lavender Keeper)
  • The Tailor's Girl (2013)
  • Tapestry (2014)
  • Nightingale (2014)
  • The Last Dance (2015)
  • On The Scent of Purfume: The Making of the Perfumer's Secret (2015)
  • The Perfumer's Secret (2015)
  • The Chocolate Tin (2016)

Short stories[edit]

  • The Batthouse Girl (2009) in Thanks for the Mammaries (ed. Sarah Darmody)

Children's fiction[edit]


  • Severo's Intent (2007)
  • Saxten's Secret (2007)
  • Wolf Lair (2007)
  • King of the Beasts (2007)

Other works[edit]


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