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Coordinates: 42°16′34.44″N 83°44′27.93″W / 42.2762333°N 83.7410917°W / 42.2762333; -83.7410917

Betsy Barbour House, view from Maynard St.

Betsy Barbour House (Barbour) is a residence hall operated by University of Michigan Housing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Hall Profile[edit]

Helen Newberry House, view from Maynard St.

Barbour houses approximately 120 occupants, 70% of which are freshmen. The residence is one of three all-female residence halls on campus. The hall contains a laundry room, two lounges, front desk, and multiple kitchenettes. It shares resources with its next-door sister hall Helen Newberry House, which contains the exercise/dance room, kitchen, and computing site.


Located just across the street from Angell Hall, Barbour is one of the closest residence halls to UM's central campus. The street address is 420 South State Street.


Barbour was built in 1920, as a gift from Levi Barbour, a former UM Regent. One of his sponsored students from Japan, Kikuchi Matsu, had died of tuberculosis as a result of inadequate living conditions at UM, and this prompted his decision to help construct new housing.[1][2]


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