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Betsy Devine
Betsy Devine.jpg
Betsy Devine at BlogHer 2006 in San Jose, California.
Elizabeth Devine

Occupationauthor, blogger
Notable credit(s)
Longing for the Harmonies, Fantastic Realities, Absolute Zero Gravity
Spouse(s)Frank Wilczek
ChildrenAmity and Mira[1]

Betsy Devine (born 1946) is an American author, journalist, and blogger, with published works including Longing for the Harmonies (1988), an appreciation of modern physics with Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek, and of Absolute Zero Gravity (1993), a collection of light-hearted material about science, with biologist Joel E. Cohen. She is a Wikipedian and spoke at Wikimania in 2006, and is the spouse of physicist Wilczek.

Early life and education[edit]

Devine earned a master's degree in engineering from Princeton University.[2]

Writing career[edit]

Devine has had, according to her self-description, "many years of immersion in geek sociology, including both Slashdot and Wikipedia flame wars".[3] She is co-author, with husband Frank Wilczek, of Longing for the Harmonies, an appreciation of modern physics;[4] and also, with biologist Joel E. Cohen, of Absolute Zero Gravity, a collection of science jokes, poems, and stories.[5] About 75 pages taken from her blog were included as "a contribution" to a collection of essays written by Frank Wilczek on various aspects of physics, Fantastic Realities.[6][7] The Nobel Prize Foundation's website links to Devine's weblog with regard to the ongoing family saga and adventures surrounding Frank Wilczek's winning the 2004 Nobel Prize in physics.[8]

Other activities[edit]

Devine spoke at Wikimania in 2006.[3]


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