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Bettembourg communal council (French: Conseil communal de Bettembourg) is the local council for the commune of Bettembourg, in southern Luxembourg.

It consists of thirteen members, elected every six years by proportional representation.[1][2] The last elections were held on 9 October 2005, and resulted in a victory for the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP). In the collège échevinal, the LSAP rules outright, under the leadership of mayor Roby Biwer.[2]

Party Seats Councillors
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) 8 René Birgen, Roby Biwer, Fränz D'Onghia, Claude Fournel, Guy Frantzen, Sylvie Jansa, Jeannot Michely, Gast Molling
Christian Social People's Party (CSV) 3 Arthur Besch, Christine Doerner, Laurent Zeimet
Democratic Party (DP) 1 Gusty Graas
The Greens 1 Josée Lorsche
Source: Commune of Bettembourg


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