Better Do Better

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"Better Do Better"
Hard-Fi - Better Do Better.jpg
Single by Hard-Fi
from the album Stars of CCTV
Released 27 February 2006
Format CD, Maxi CD, 7"
Recorded Staines, 2004
Length 4:41
Label Warner Music
Writer(s) Richard Archer
Producer(s) Wolsey White, Richard Archer
Hard-Fi singles chronology
"Cash Machine"
"Better Do Better"
"Suburban Knights"

"Better Do Better" is the fifth single from English band Hard-Fi, taken from their debut album Stars of CCTV. It was released on 27 February 2006[1] where it reached #14 in the UK singles chart sharing a similar chart success with all the other singles released from Stars of CCTV. The video was directed by Richard Skinner with Alex Smith acting as cinematographer. The Maxi CD version of the single contains exclusive U-MYX software to create a mix of "Hard to Beat".[2] The song features in the Torchwood episode "Small Worlds".


Compared to the rest of the Stars of CCTV album, this song has a much darker feel which is most probably due to what the song is about and features saxophones and trumpets played by Kellie Santin and Nick Etwell.[3] The track is about a relationship that's over. However it appears as if the girlfriend of Richard Archer wants to get back together after having an affair. The lyrics suggest he will have none of this "I'll tell you how it's gonna be, don't you never, ever come near me". While at times the speaker shows reflective emotions about the initial break up, he also seems quite angry and aggressive towards his ex, with the line "Your face makes me wanna be sick."[4]

The B-side "Polish Love Song" was recorded in one take backstage at the Kansas City Grand Emporium.[3] The song pleads the case for illegal immigrant workers coming from Eastern Europe.


The single was created, designed and photographed by Aaron Hinchion and Matt Gibbins of communications agency ALBION. The CD cover opens up to give a bigger insight to the story told in the music. For Better Do Better it was about placing the phone in the appropriate context. The phone sits on a pub table and shows us that Tina is being deleted from the contacts list. The Tina mentioned on some of the sleeves formed a subplot throughout all the single releases, most notably on the cover for Better do Better, which probably suggests the girl in the song is "Tina". She later became a bit of a talking point both in the music press and on the fan forums. The Hard-Fi CCTV camera icon also appeared subtly on every cover in different forms.

Like all of the Hard-Fi releases, various formats carried subtle changes to differentiate them on the shelf. Making them all collectable. Better Do Better's delete message was in various stages of completion on the CD cover and 7" sleeve.

Track listings[edit]

CD single[edit]

  1. Better Do Better
  2. Polish Love Song

Maxi CD[edit]


  1. Better Do Better
  2. Polish Love Song
  3. Better Do Better (Video)
  4. Hard To Beat (U-MYX Format)



  1. Better Do Better
  2. Better Do Better (Wrongtom Wild Inna 81 Version)


Better Do Better has been listed for 4 weeks on the UK Singles Chart. It entered the UK singles chart at #14 and the UK download chart at #28 on 18 April 2006, it then dropped to #33, then #46 before dropping to #64 in its last week.

Chart (2005) Peak
UK Singles Chart[5] 14
UK Download Chart 28

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