Better Than a Thousand

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Better Than A Thousand
Genres Hardcore punk
Positive hardcore
Associated acts Youth of Today, Shelter, Battery

Better Than a Thousand was a hardcore band with former Youth of Today singer Ray Cappo, Graham Land and Ken Olden from Battery fame. It was a side project of Shelter, Ray originally intended just to record a couple songs with some friends and it spawned three world tours and two albums.


Year Title Label Extra information
1997 Just One Revelation Records Debut album
1999 Value Driven Epitaph Records Second album
1999 Self Worth Grapes Of Wrath Single
2004 Discography Super Soul Records Discography album


  • Fight The World, Not Each Other (A Tribute to 7 Seconds) - In Your Face
  • The Rebirth Of Hardcore: 1999 - I Can Make a Difference / Out of Fashion
  • Anti-Racist Action: Stop Racism the benefit CD - Poison In Your Brain (LFKB remix)

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