Better Than Sex (book)

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Better Than Sex
First edition
Author Hunter S. Thompson
Country United States
Language English
Series The Gonzo Papers
Subject Politics, Bill Clinton, Journalism
Publisher Random House
Publication date
August 22, 1994
Pages 245 pp (Hardcover Version)
ISBN 978-0-345-39635-8
OCLC 33068635
973.929 20
LC Class E884 .T47 1995
Preceded by Songs of the Doomed

Better Than Sex: Confessions of a Political Junkie is a 1994 book written by American author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. In Volume IV of The Gonzo Papers series of books, Thompson details his reactions to the 1992 election of Bill Clinton as U.S. President, as well as recollects his own (unsuccessful) run for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado.

The book contains a number of magazine articles and other essays Thompson wrote about the Clinton election, but consists largely of faxes Thompson sent to various celebrities, politicians and journalists about the subject. It is the only volume in The Gonzo Papers to be composed of mostly new material.

Some copies are additionally subtitled Trapped Like a Rat in Mr. Bill's Neighborhood.