Better Than Sex (film)

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Better Than Sex
DVD cover
Directed byJonathan Teplitzky
Written byJonathan Teplitzky
Produced byFrank Cox
Bruna Papandrea
StarringDavid Wenham
Susie Porter
Catherine McClements
CinematographyGarry Phillips
Music byDavid Hirschfelder
Distributed bySamuel Goldwyn Films
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)
Running time
95 minutes

Better Than Sex is 2000 Australian film from director Jonathan Teplitzky starring David Wenham and Susie Porter. It is a romantic comedy of sorts, revolving around two people who have a one-night stand and start to question whether they want more.


Josh and Cin meet at a party in Sydney three days before he is due to return to London. Originally planning just to spend the night, Josh decides to stay at her flat until he has to leave for the airport. The two gradually grow closer, feeling a strong connection. However, when Cin's friend Sam comes over and flirts with Josh, they end up quarreling and he leaves. Once Josh cools down he relents and returns to Cin. Having both agreed that they were just having fun, he leaves to catch his plane the next day. At the last minute, he decides not to go and returns to Cin's flat only to find that she has followed him to London, not knowing he missed the flight. Josh can not find a flight for three days, but once he reaches London they are reunited and Cin decides to move there to be with him.


Actor Role
David Wenham Josh
Susie Porter Cin
Catherine McClements Sam
Kris McQuade Taxi Driver
Simon Bossell Tim
Imelda Corcoran Carole





Box office[edit]

Better Than Sex grossed $1,266,018 at the box office in Australia.[1]


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