Better Ways to Self Destruct

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Better Ways to Self Destruct
Better Ways to Self Destruct.jpg
EP by
GenreIndie rock
LabelFierce Panda
easyworld chronology
Better Ways to Self Destruct
This Is Where I Stand

Better Ways to Self Destruct is the 2001 EP by easyworld, an Eastbourne-based indie rock band. This was the band's second release, after their "Hundredweight" single, and this EP contained that earlier single, a new version of b-side "You Make Me Want To Drink Bleach" and 5 new songs, all recorded in lead singer David Ford's bedroom in his parents' house.

While the EP's recording budget was somewhat limited, the band still managed to build up a small fanbase, touring with King Adora, and undertaking headlining tours of their own. 5 tracks on this EP (all except "Lights Out" and "Someone Do Something") were re-recorded for This is Where I Stand, the band's debut album proper, appearing a year later in 2002.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lights Out"
  2. "Hundredweight"
  3. "Junkies & Whores"
  4. "Someone Do Something"
  5. "A Stain to Never Fade"
  6. "U Make Me Want To Drink Bleach (Stylophone Mix)"
  7. "Try Not To Think"
  8. "Compilation Blues"