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Betterware Limited
Private limited company
OwnerJRJR Networks
Number of employees
5000 Distributors Edit this on Wikidata

Betterware was a United Kingdom multi-level marketing company that sold household products.

History and products[edit]

The company was founded in 1928 in East London and sold brushes door-to-door. It was originally called Betterwear and was renamed Betterware in 1970 to reflect a wider range of products. Stanley Cohen bought it in 1983 for £253,000 and moved it from Romford, Essex to Castle Vale, Birmingham.[1] It became a public company in 1986 and was one of the best performing shares on the stockmarket in the early 1990s when its share price rose from about 20p to more than 250p. Cohen sold his share of the company in 1997 by which time it was valued at £117 million.[2] Its product range included household products, kitchen and home storage products, personal care products, and mobility aids.[3] In 2015, it moved 2 miles within Birmingham, to Hurricane Park, Bromford. On the 16th October 2015, Betterware was bought out by a Texas company JRJR. From the middle of 2017, Betterware were having stocks issues as JRJR took the stocks over and new contacts had to be signed up. On the 13th of April 2018, it was announced that Betterware had gone into administration.

Business model[edit]

There was no cost to join Betterware and catalogues were supplied free of charge. Catalogues were delivered door-to-door in the United Kingdom and Ireland by a team of approximately 5,000 Distributors who then collected completed order forms. The products were distributed from the company's warehouse in Hurricane Park, sandwiched between the River Tame and the M6. The sales force were all self-employed and worked on either a part-time or full-time basis. Distributors reported to line managers that the company called coordinators, each covering a small town and surrounding area, or part of a larger town. They reported to Regional managers who were responsible for all coordinators in their area, and they, in turn, reported to the national sales director. All activity took place within pre-determined geographical areas. There were subsidiaries in Spain, Cyprus and Central America. In addition to the home delivery catalogue customers could order products directly from head office online. Centrally-placed orders were delivered by the distributor or coordinator covering the relevant area, and regarded as sales found by them. There was also a retail outlet at head office.

All the roles were commission based, Distributors received 20% on sales, coordinators 11.2% of their team sales (usually equivalent to full-time wages).

Betterware had sponsored Marie Curie Cancer Care since 2009.[4] It was a founder member of the UK Direct Selling Association.

Betterware ceased trading in April 2018.[5]