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Related namesElizabeth, Tina, Beth

Bettina is a female name of Latin origins predominantly found in the Italian and German languages. Pronounced depending on how it's spelled, this name has various interpreted meanings.

Bettina can be found in the Italian language originating from the name Benedetta. Benedetta is the feminine form of Benedict which means blessed. (M-Benedetto/L-Benedictus/E-Benedict). The German version of Bettina comes from the Hebrew name Elizabeth. In its older form Elizabeth was known as Elisheba and Elisheva.[citation needed]

There are several variants for the name Bettina: Battina, Betiana, Betina, Bettine, Ina and Tina. However, the common nicknames for Elizabeth and Benedetta such as Betty, Bette and Beth are also used for Bettina.


It is the stage name used by Bettina Bush, a voice actor and singer who was the original voice of Rainbow Brite.

It also was the professional name of Simone Micheline Graziani, one of the most famous fashion models of the 1950s and an early muse of designer Hubert de Givenchy - Simone was given the name "Bettina" by designer Pierre Balmain.


There was also a very short-lived town named Bettina, Texas, named after Bettina von Arnim, across the Llano River from Castell, Texas.[1]


"Bettina" was the name of the woman artist (and her ranch) that the Tom Hanks character met at the end of the film Cast Away while delivering her package. He had retrieved the Bettina package years earlier from the ocean, while stranded on a tiny island following a plane crash.


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