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Betty Madigan (born 1930? in Washington, D.C.) is an American traditional popular singer[1] and actress.[2]

In 1954, she was rated "the newer female vocalist [with] the greatest chance to become one of the top female vocalist names" in a poll of disc jockeys conducted by Billboard.[1] That year, Madigan appeared on The Red Skelton Hour, The Dave Garroway Show, and The Colgate Comedy Hour. In 1956, she portrayed Martha Cratchitt in a 1956 episode of The Alcoa Hour called "The Stingiest Man in Town." She performed on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1957, and on The Dick Clark Show on 1958.

A description of Madigan in a 1959 issue of Gramophone said that she sounds like Alma Cogan and also resembles her.[3]

Hit records[edit]

  • "Joey" (1954) (peak position on Cash Box No. 22) (released by MGM Records as catalog number 11716, with the flip side "And So I Walked Home"[4])
  • "Always You" (1954) (released by MGM Records as catalog number 11812, with the flip side "That Was My Heart You Broke"[4])
  • "Dance, Everyone, Dance" (1958) - U.S. Billboard Hot 100 No. 31 (released by Coral Records as catalog number 62007, with the flip side "My Symphony of Love"[5])


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