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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sun.
Sun Li
Chinese name 孫儷 (traditional)
Chinese name 孙俪 (simplified)
Pinyin Sūn Lì (Mandarin)
Born (1982-09-26) 26 September 1982 (age 33)
Shanghai, China
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 2001–present
Spouse(s) Deng Chao (2010–present)

Sun Li (or Susan Sun,[1] born September 26, 1982) is a Chinese actress. She's been hailed by critics and netizens as China's queen of television.[2]


She first entered show business by participating in 2001's Star Search, held by Singapore's MediaCorp. She reached the finals and earned the praise of judge Andy Lau.

In 2003, author and TV producer Hai Yan (海岩) selected her for the female lead in the TV drama version of Goddess of Mercy, after which Sun became recognized as one of the most promising young actresses in China.

She mainly gained fame in China with the 2007 TV series Shanghai Bund (a mainland remake of the 1980 television series The Bund).

In 2008, she notably portrayed the heroine Little Tiger in the acclaimed mini-series Iron Road, only the second joint venture created under Canada/China co-production treaty established in the 1960s.

In 2011, she played Zhen Huan (甄嬛) in the TV series The Legend of Zhen Huan, was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Best Actress category for her role.[3]

In 2014, she won the 20th Magnolia Awards for Best Actress for her role in Hot Mom.[4] On October 13, Sun was awarded as Best Actress at China TV Golden Eagle Award.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Sun has been married to the actor Deng Chao since 2010, and has two children.[6]



Year Title Role Notes
2001 Romance in the Rain Extra
2006 Fearless Yueci (Moon) Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
2008 Iron Road Little Tiger miniseries
2008 Painted Skin Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
2009 Kung Fu Cyborg
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box Rose
2011 Mural Shaoyao
2011 The Lost Bladesman Qilan
2014 Just Another Margin
2014 The Breakup Guru herself
2015 Devil and Angel
2016 King of Drug Dealers


Year Title Role Notes
2003 Goddess of Mercy
An Xin
2003 A Ray of Sunshine
Yi Aiyuan
2004 Pink Family
Tao Zhi
2004 Crimson Romance
Zhou Xiaobai
2005 Happiness as Flowers
Du Juan
2011 The Legend of Zhen Huan Zhen Huan
(Empress Xiaoshengxian)
2013 Hot Mom!
Xia Bing
2015 The Legend of Mi Yue
Mi Yue


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