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For the educator and civil rights advocate, see Betty Shabazz.
Betty X
BX 1.jpg
Betty X
Background information
Also known as Zoe Kaylor, Zoe Pierce
Origin Seattle, Washington, United States
Genres Industrial
Industrial metal
Art rock, Dark Lounge
Occupation(s) Artist, Actress, Performance Artist, Vocalist, Musician, Spoken Word Poet
Instruments Vocalist, singer-songwriter
Years active 1995–present
Labels Anti-Social Records, SS55, iMusic
Associated acts Salon Betty, Satan in High Heels, Pigface, Ministry (band), Sheep on Drugs, Surgical Meth Machine

Betty X, (born Zoe Pierce-Gibson) is an American musician. Her stage name was formed from the combination of names of 1950s American icons Betty Crocker, Bettie Page and Malcolm X. Betty is also the founding member of Satan in High Heels and works with guest musicians to co-write songs. She was the founder and front woman for her previous punk cabaret band Salon Betty.

Musical history[edit]

Betty X formed Salon Betty in the mid-1990s. In 1995, she was credited by i-Music (now Artist Direct) as the first female performer to be broadcast live on the Internet. She was also featured in the first Interactive Paper Doll on the Internet, created by Scott Blum, founder of iMusic (Artist Direct) and in association with Real World Studios. Both projects received awards and positive reviews.

Betty X's earlier sound with Salon Betty has been described as gothabilly, death lounge, dark cabaret, punk cabaret, new wave, or, most commonly, art rock. Jamie Hook, a reviewer for The Stranger, described the music as, "Neu-Wavo Ranchero" and referred to the fans as "Bettephiles". Salon Betty was the first band to spearhead the dark cabaret movement in Seattle in the early 1990s.

After Salon Betty disbanded, she decided to pursue a solo career, releasing Bad Side of Love in 1999, working with music producer, Vincent Saletto (Genitorturers) in Tampa, Florida.

In 2004, several songs on her second solo release, Dystopia, were included on the soundtrack to independent filmmaker Craig Kovach's sci-fi horror film, Unearthed.


  • In Your Blood (1995) (Jeffro Brunk)
  • Psych-o-tropolis (1995) (Jeffro Brunk)
  • The Birthday (2010) (David Bessenhoffer)

She was a guest vocalist on Sheep on Drugs Sex Machine on the F**CK Album 2006.

She was the first hostess of Go Kustom TV in 2001.


Salon Betty[edit]

  • The Big Hair Sex Circus, 1996 (iMusic)
  • Arizona, 1997 (Anti-Social Records)
  • "It Came From Planet X", 1999 (Anti-Social Records)

Betty X[edit]

  • Bad Side of Love EP, 1999
  • Dystopia EP, 2004
  • Memoirs of a Pain Junkie, 2006
  • Religious Reich, 2009
  • Bad Juju, 2015


  • Betty X Unmasked Interview by Guitar Doug, The Sinner, June 2008
  • Underground Magazine March 2006
  • Official Betty X Website
  • Interviews with Betty X
  • The Stranger, 1996, 2006
  • Site-Seeing, Seattle P-I, January 1996[1]


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