Between Now and Then

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Between Now And Then
Between Now and Then (The Clarks album - cover art).jpg
Compilation album by The Clarks
Released June 21, 2005
Genre Rock
Length 1:09:43
Label High Wire Music
The Clarks chronology
Fast Moving Cars
Between Now and Then
Still Live

Between Now and Then is the 2005 retrospective album by Pittsburgh band The Clarks. The interesting fact about this album is that it is a greatest hits compilation for a band that never achieved national prominence. However, this album allowed the band to combine all of their biggest songs with the intent of drawing in casual listeners. Fifteen of the band's hits were included in this collection, with the former singles "Boys Lie" and "Hell On Wheels" notably absent. Two new songs also were featured, including the upbeat single "Bona Fide." For this album, the band also did a rendition of the 1970s Badfinger classic "No Matter What."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bona Fide"
  2. "Shimmy Low" (From: Fast Moving Cars [2004])
  3. "On Saturday" (From: Another Happy Ending [2002])
  4. "Hey You" (From: Another Happy Ending [2002])
  5. "Let It Go" (From: Let It Go [2000])
  6. "Better Off Without You" (From: Let It Go [2000])
  7. "Born Too Late" (From: Let It Go [2000])
  8. "Butterflies and Airplanes" (From: Let It Go [2000])
  9. "Snowman" (From: Let It Go [2000])
  10. "Apartment Song"
  11. "Cigarette" (From: Live [2001])
  12. "Mercury" (From: Someday Maybe [1996])
  13. "Caroline" (From: Someday Maybe [1996])
  14. "Treehouse" (From: Love Gone Sour, Suspicion, and Bad Debt [1994])
  15. "Penny On the Floor (From: The Clarks [1991])
  16. "Help Me Out" (From: I'll Tell You What Man... [1988])
  17. "No Matter What" [Badfinger cover]
  18. "Nothing's Wrong, Nothing's Right"


  • Scott Blasey - lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
  • Rob James - electric guitar, vocals
  • Greg Joseph - bass guitar, vocals
  • Dave Minarik - drums, vocals