Between the Stars and Waves

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Between the Stars and Waves
Between the Stars and Waves.jpg
Studio album by Rivermaya
Released 2003
Recorded Birdhouse (Escueta Residence/Studio Espesyal)
Genre Alternative rock/Pop
Length 57:16
Label Viva Records
Producer Rivermaya
Rivermaya chronology
Live and Acoustic
Between the Stars and Waves
You'll Be Safe Here EP

Between the Stars and Waves is the 7th album of the Filipino rock band Rivermaya. It has been released on 2003 under Viva Records. It has 15 tracks.

It is also the last album they recorded with Kakoy Legaspi who left months after this album was recorded.

Track listing[edit]

All songs composed by Rico Blanco except where noted.

  1. "Sunday Driving" (4:12) (Music by: Japs Sergio & Rico Blanco)
  2. "A Love to Share" (3:15)
  3. "241 (My Favorite Song)" (4:35)
  4. "One Good Afternoon" (3:48) (Japs Sergio)
  5. "Balisong" (3:40) (Music by: Kakoy Legaspi and Rico Blanco)
  6. "Take My Cue" (3:39) (Mike Elgar)
  7. "Table for Two" (3:17) (Japs Sergio)
  8. "Atat" (3:51) (Mike Elgar and Rico Blanco)
  9. "She" (3:39) (Mike Elgar)
  10. "Noontime Show" (2:31) (Japs Sergio)
  11. "I Can't Let Go" (4:40) (Mike Elgar)
  12. "Pinaiyak Mo Na Naman Ako" (3:43) (Mike Elgar)
  13. "Squeezy" (5:03) (Mike Elgar)
  14. "Home" (4:30) (Mike Elgar)
  15. "A Love to Share (Acoustic)" (2:53)

Album credits[edit]

  • Executive Producers: Vic del Rosario Jr. & Vincent del Rosario
  • Associate Producer: Joey E. Singian
  • A & R: Romel Sanchez
  • Art Direction, Photography and Original Artwork Commissioned for the Album: Kawayan de Guia
  • Graphic Design and Lay-out: Maria Regina Tuazon
  • Additional Lay-out: Restyabellatica
  • Producer: Rivermaya
  • Sound Engineer: Mark Escueta
  • Assistant Sound Engineer: Rico Blanco, Mike Elgar, Japs Sergio, Kakoy Legaspi
  • All songs feature vocals by Rico Blanco except for Track 7, by Japs Sergio and tracks 9,12 & 13 by Mike Elgar.
  • Track 4 features an excerpt from "Panic" by the Smiths. Words and Music by Marr & Morrissey.
  • Additional vocals on Track 4 by Kathy Meneses of Daydream Cycle
  • Track 9 features Jerome Nunez of Mannos on violin with permission from Vicor Music Corp.
  • All songs arranged by Rivermaya.
  • All songs recorded and mixed at the Birdhouse (Escueta Residence/Studio Espesyal)
  • Additional recordings at Hit Productions Inc.
  • Mastered by Angee Rozul and Rivermaya at Tracks Studios.



The song was re-released when Rivermaya came out with their International album You'll Be Safe Here.

Two music videos have been made for "Balisong". The first came out in 2004. It begins with a piano intro by vocalist Rico Blanco, then the band starts to play the song inside a room that is lit by sunlight. As the song progresses, pictures and letters are shown all over the room, revealing the "past relationship" that the song is portraying was being reminisced.

The second video came out in 2006, when Rivermaya had just released their international debut "You'll Be Safe Here". The video was set in a carnival where Rivermaya is one of the acts. This video also shows Rico Blanco playing the piano, but to a lesser extent. As the video plays, Rico Blanco is attracted to a certain woman, dressed in a red gown. He then comes up to the woman and sings to her the chorus of the song. The song ends when all the carnival acts leave and the band is left alone. This video was renamed "Bali Song," possibly to differentiate it from the first video.

"Balisong" is one of very few OPM songs which have two different videos made for them. Other songs performed by OPM bands which have two music videos are "You'll Be Safe Here" also by Rivermaya, "Narda" and "Ambisyoso" by Kamikazee, "Stars" by Callalily, "Yugto" by Rico Blanco, and "With A Smile" by Eraserheads.

In Philippine culture, balisong is a knife with a retractable blade. Strangely, the song does not reference the knife or even mentioned in the song lyrics.

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